The sisters of Eisley and the future of the band

February 17, 2017 update: read my follow-up on the "new" Eisley on the day their new album 'I'm Only Dreaming' is released.

March 2, 2017 update: my top 25 Eisley songs

In 2002, I discovered the band (Moss) Eisley composed of sisters Sherri, Stacy, and Chauntelle Dupree (along with brother Weston on drums and cousin Garron on bass). I have been a huge fan of all their output ever since. Now the three sisters are each married to musical husbands, have children, new last names, and new music projects. Sherri collaborates with her husband Max Bemis in Perma, Stacy collaborates with her husband Darren King in Sucré, and Chauntelle collaborates with her husband Todd D'Agostino in Rising Fawn.

Recently Sherri posted a YouTube video (that had to be pretty shocking and controversial for die-hard Eisley fans) in which she essentially said Eisley is not dead, despite the all the other bands the sisters are involved in. You don't need to watch the video, I will summarize it for you: She didn't come right out and say it, but Eisley is now Sherri (edit: and apparently Garron) plus whoever else is around. This is fascinating to say the least, as the band essentially decided that they will tour and release music whether or not Stacy or Chauntelle are that involved. Just to make that clear, because her video didn't, is that Stacy and Chauntelle will probably not be touring or playing live with Eisley. Crazy; but not necessarily bad.

Eisley, while a five-piece band, is primarily a collaboration between sisters Sherri and Stacy. If you look back over their four-album catalog (along with TONS of EPs), it is about half-and-half songs written by Sherri and Stacy. But in this video Sherri does clearly say she will be writing ALL of the songs on Eisley's upcoming 5th album. No one says this, but it seems obvious to me that this was the only possibility if Eisley was going to continue and not "break up".

Sherri has always been my favorite member of the band, and she writes the more "punkish" songs. My wife and sister prefer Stacy songs, as they are usually prettier and more serious. All of these songs from both composers are outstanding, as all four of Eisley's LP's are in my top 10 for their corresponding year.

Below are some recent songs from each of the sisters. The first, from Sherri, actually contradicts how I just describes her, as it is a beautiful and simple cover song and not at all punk. The link says it is an Eisley song, but Sherri did it by herself; and it is gorgeous and one of the best covers I have heard in years:

Next, from Chauntelle and her band Rising Fawn, is a new song released today. Fascinatingly, it is called "Jeremy Enigk" and from her upcoming album to be released tomorrow:

Here is a recent Stacy Sucré song, which is one of the most aggressive songs she has ever released:

Finally, here is the title track from the last Eisley album, Currents (2013):