Videos: The Anniversary, Thrice, Tess Wiley

The Anniversary is on a reunion tour right now, and I am so sad I can't see any of the shows. I am thankful I got to see them in 2001 in Athens, Georgia at the 40 Watt, but it would be fun to see them now I have been desperate to find videos online. Until today, I was mostly unsuccessful in that search. But finally here is a great one from last week. Don't watch it for sound quality necessarily, but it captures the fun and energy of The Anniversary's live show:

Next popping up in my YouTube feed was a new video and song from Tess Wiley. I have been a fan of Tess for over 20 years, and this is the most electric, rocking song she has recorded in the last 15:

Finally, Thrice released the first song from their live studio sessions, re-recording songs their 2016 album To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere:


New songs from upcoming 2016/2017 album releases

This is my first post after an unexplainable break, and I am going to keep it simple. Here are some new, great songs from upcoming albums:

This is the first track to be released from the next Eisley album, which is going to drop in early 2017. It is the also the first song from the new incarnation of Eisley in which Sherri is the only one of the original three sisters (along with Stacy and Chauntelle) to still be in the band.

(If this video is blocked for you use ProxFlow to watch it)

This is the second track to debut from the new Jimmy Eat World album, Integrity Blues, due out on October 21. I haven't hid my disdain for Jimmy Eat World's last album, Damage, which is by far the worst LP they have released in their two-decade existence. "Sure and Certain" has them back on track, and I said this on Twitter when I first hear it:

When Sleigh Bells released their debut album Treats in 2010, many thought the band was a gimmick and would be short-lived. But as the band prepares the release of their 4th LP, Jessica Rabbit, on November 11, they have proven they are here to stay and are at the top of their game.

I inexplicably missed out on the first American Football album in 1999, despite them being right in the middle of the scene I was obsessed with. Seventeen years later they are back with their 2nd self-titled LP.

Eins Zwei Orchestra is the musical identity of husband-wife duo Stefan and Lydia van Maurik (most notably the front-woman of Brown Feather Sparrow. I wrote a more detailed post about this band a few years ago, and their new album releases next week.