I just uploaded about 60 pictures from the wedding to my Yahoo photo site. Go here!

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I know, I am awful about updating this. The below information is about my wedding cd, which I had intended to have online before I got married. Well, I am slow, but here it is!

1. Craig Armstrong- 'Portuguese Love Theme'
From the 2003 'Love Actually' movie soundtrack
The first of two songs on this cd arranged by my brother Keith for the recessional at our wedding. Jessie & I first saw this movie in the theater at Zambia and loved it. Probably my favorite romantic comedy of all time.

2. Death Cab for Cutie- 'Transatlanticism'
From the 2003 album 'Transatlanticism' on Barsuk Records
Death Cab was one of the first of 'my bands' that I introduced to Jessie. She fell in love with them and we listened to them together often. When Jessie left for the States in May and I was still in Zambia for two months without her, this song became our theme song as we were seperated by the Atlantic Ocean. This song was also used in our wedding during the prelude as Kimberly sang accompanied by Keith on piano and a flute/violin/cello trio. "I need you so much closer..."

2. Death Cab for Cutie- 'Passenger Seat'
From the 2003 album 'Transatlanticism' on Barsuk Records
The song following 'Transatlanticism' on the cd of the same title. Jessie made a comment about this song to the effect of, "the way a love song should be written." When she said that, just a couple of weeks into our dating relationship, I knew there was something different and special about her.

4. Over the Rhine- 'Fool'
From the 2003 double cd 'Ohio' on Back Porch Records
When Jessie and I are together there is no band we would rather listen to than Over the Rhine. The week of our first date Jessie commented on an Over the Rhine poster I had on my wall so I let her borrow 'Ohio.' The 2 cd is set is now an all time favorite for both of us. We decided to use this song as for our first dance at our wedding reception. While we both like Over the Rhine, her and my favorite songs by them are much different; this falls right in the middle and is perfect for the occasion.

5. Patsy Cline- 'Walkin' After Midnight'
From the 1963 album 'The Patsy Cline Story' on MCA Nashville
Jessie loves to sing karaoke, and this is 'her' song. One time when we were driving around in downtown Lusaka she started singing it out of the blue and I was supposed to guess what it was. I didn't get it right then, but I always recognize the song now!

6. Sixpence None the Richer- 'Dizzy'
From the 2002 cd 'Divine Discontent' on Reprise Records
Similarly to Over the Rhine, Jessie and I both love Sixpence, but our favorite songs by the band are much different. 'Dizzy' would fall in the middle. This is another song we considered for our first dance, but "Fool" has much more meaning to us. Sixpence None the Richer's 1995 album "This Beautiful Mess" is my favorite album of all time.

7. Tess Wiley- 'My Fortress and My Shield'
From the 2004 album 'Not Quite Me' on Tapete Records
I received this album in the mail, Tess sent it to me in Zambia from Germany. I got it while Jessie and I were dating and we listened to it constantly in the car. This song's lyrics are taken directly from Psalm 42.

8. Brandtson- 'Escapist'
From the 2004 album 'Send Us a Signal' on the Militia Group
This album was waiting for me in the mail when I returned from Zambia in July. Jessie and I spent most of this month on the road and this is the cd we listened to more than any other. I have loved Brandtson for years, but this was Jessie's first time to hear them. She didn't like them at first, but now she often asks if we can listen to them. This is her favorite song from the album. Brandtson was the last concert I saw before I moved to Zambia and I also saw them in concert on vacation in Germany.

9. Fountains of Wayne- 'Hey Julie'
From the 2003 album 'Welcome Interstate Managers' on Atlantic Records
I put this song on Jessie's Valentine's Day cd and she loved it. A hilarious song, just substitute 'Jessie' for 'Julie.'

10. Color Me Badd- 'All 4 Love'
From the 1991 album 'C.M.B.' on Warner Brothers Records
I was sitting in Jessie's kitchen once in Zambia and we were listening to 'cheesy' music. This was the only song I liked that I heard that day because it brought back memories from hearing it on Casey's Top 40. Great lyrics for a love song.

11. For those of you who have heard the cd, you either recognized this immediately, or don't have a clue what it is. It is the theme from the movies 'Kill Bill' Volumes 1 and 2. Soundtrack can be found on a 2003 Maverick Records release.

12. Fleming & John- 'Shhh!'
From the 1999 album 'The Way We Are' on Universal Records

13. Matthew Ngosa- 'Ukolela'
I actually know nothing about this song except that it is in a Zambian language, probably Bemba.

14. GRITS- Be Mine
From the 2002 album 'The Art of Translation' on Gotee Records

15. The Postal Service- 'Such Great Heights'
From the 2003 album 'Give Up' on Sub Pop Records

16. Jimmy Eat World- '23'
From the 2004 album 'Futures' on Dreamworks Records

17. Luxury- 'Solid Gold'
From the 1995 album 'Amazing and Thank You' on Tooth and Nail Records

18. Craig Armstrong- 'Prime Minister's Love Theme'
From the 2003 'Love Actually' movie soundtrack


i'm getting married today!

for those of you looking for information on the cds jessie and i gave out as gifts at the reception, check back soon!


been in nashville a couple weeks now, the job search continues. wedding plans are coming along well, i can't wait to be married!

i have been loving watching football after mostly missing out on it the last two years. auburn is amazing, the redskins are horrible. 1 out of 2 isn't bad.

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i once again apologize to those of you who read this, because i once again forgot this page existed. my life is insanely busy, i haven't even though about updating it.

on friday my fiance and i are moving to nashville. we will be there until God leads us elsewhere, which could be soon. we are excited to be in the south!

we will be attending the auburn football game on saturday where we will see the top-10 ranked tigers in action. war eagle! i am still excited about the saturday win over LSU, the defending national champions (sort of, USC was the real champ).

the redskins looked awful on sunday, but only losing by 6 points when you have 7 turnovers has to count for something. i just hope they beat the cowboys and my friend patrick plays well in his first start this year.

a little over two months until my wedding!

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anyone got a job for me? searching for employment is how i spend most of my days now; that and planning my wedding. the wedding stuff is fun, but the job stuff definitely is not. if anyone has any leads in the pittsburgh or nashville areas please let me know.

the olympics are in full swing, i am really enjoying them, especially the swimming. i swam competitively for 10 years and cannot comprehend how fast those swimmers are moving through the water.

over the rhine is playing in pittsburgh tonight, i am excited about that, i haven't seen them in over two years. it will be my 4th concert since returning to the states. lovedrug was so far my favorite, and 'pretend you're alive' is easily my choice for album of the year. luxury is releasing a new album this fall i am of course very excited about.

if you are in the nashville area watch out for shows from the astronaut pushers, that is matt slocum's (sixpence) new band.

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ok, i have no excuse for not updating this more often, just laziness. especially now that i have access to high speed internet daily.

i am in pittsburgh getting ready for my wedding! it is beautiful up here, the rolling hills and trees remind me of the beautiful state of tennessee. the weather is great, high often in the 70s, in july! and no humidity. i definitely don't miss that about the south.

i saw two concerts last weekend, fountains of wayne and the juliana theory. both were great shows but entirely different. the juliana theory was in a club in downtown, a very high energy environment for an extremely tight band. fortunately they aren't as goofy as they used to be on stage; but their sound is great as always. and it is so fun when the entire crowd sings along to all the songs. fountains of wayne was a free outdoor show and their were thousands of people there. most were not fans, just throwing the frisbee or having a picnic in the grass. but, there were at least a few hundred people into it, and of course all the kids went crazy when they played 'stacy's mom.' being a huge fountains of wayne fan, i was happy with every song they played. they did a great acoustic segment of songs off the new album. overall i would say they played about 20 songs, and close to an equal number off each album.

i have heard lots of new music lately, the best being the new brandtson cd. 'send us a signal' is the best album i have heard this year.

i get to see lovedrug this weekend! that is saturday night, then on sunday i am flying to nashville to spend time with my family. if i haven't seen you yet and you are in the TN area email me so we can get together.

NFL training camp is starting, football is almost here... GO REDSKINS.

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i am engaged! i asked JBN to marry me last saturday night, after arriving back in the states the day before. we will be getting married november 27 in pittsburgh, pennsylvania!

apparently people really do read this, so after almost a month i decided it was about time to update it.

the past week of being back in the USA has been fun and very full. jessie and i have been traveling non-stop, spending time in pittsburgh, franklin, and birmingham. my friends erin and john got married last night in alabama and i was able to see and spend time with lots of my friends from college. it was great to be able to catch up with them and introduce me to my fiancee!

it is cool yet surreal to be back in my home country. things like wal-mart and good fast food are overwhelming. i loved my time in zambia and God taught me tons, but it is time to move forward in my life.

i am currently in franklin, but will continue to travel over the next couple weeks. i just got a cell phone, so if you would like the number email me at abparish@hotmail.com.

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detroit pistons, 2004 NBA champions!!!

i got up at 3 to watch the game and saw all of it live, pretty great. this championship is so sweet because the pistons were such huge underdogs. everyone- my friends, the media, random basketball fans all said the lakers would kill the pistons. but, the pistons killed the lakers! it could have easily been a sweep, but i'll take 5 games. and the pistons wins weren't even close, they dominated LA by winning by an average of more than 10 points a game.

another great thing about all this is that the pistons beat the lakers, by far my least favorite NBA team. it would be like the redskins beating the cowboys in the super bowl (even though that is impossible). also, the pistons will be great for years to come. the starters are set, and they can only get better as far as their bench goes.

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i just finished watching the replay of the pistons 88-68 win over the lakers in game 3 of the NBA finals. i am still pretty upset about the game 2 loss, but i'll take a 2-1 lead with 2 more games in detroit. win them both, and the pistons are world champs! i haven't made it up at 3:00 a.m. to watch a game live yet, i'll wait until the pistons get 3 wins.

3 weeks from this moment i will be in the united states of america! i am more than thrilled.

i am currently downloading a new live jimmy eat world song. i haven't heard any new jimmy eat world in more than 3 years. they have a new album coming out later this year, i am excited.

kill bill vol 2 opened in zambia today, but i didn't get a a chance to go. tomorrow hopefully, i can't wait to see it.

(listening to grandaddy- 'sumday')


pistons 87, lakers 75. i know it is only one game, but detroit has already done what everyone though they couldn't. i am pumped, the pistons are 3 wins from an NBA title. i was able to watch the last three pistons-pacers games in south africa.

i went to johannesburg last thursday and stayed 9 days to see a doctor there. it was finally discovered that i have mono, so as long as i continue to rest it will go away soon. i have a little more than three weeks left in zambia, i am so excited to return to the states!

i just saw the movie 'pitch black' recently, i had been putting it off forever. it was surprisingly very good. i also made the connection that the new vin diesel movie 'the chronicles of riddick' is the sequel to 'pitch black,' so that will be fun to see when i get back to the US. the big news in movies in zambia is that 'kill bill vol. 2' comes out on friday!

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(don't ask my why i like avril, i just do.)


for all you kerith ravine fans out there (all 17 of you), michael shepard, lead singer and songwriter has a "new" band called lovedrug. the sound is fairly similar to kerith ravine, not as hard, this time with piano. their debut album comes out in july on the militia group. brandtson also has a new album coming out on the same label in june.

a week has passed, and i am still sick. i could be flying down to south africa as early as today to see a doctor there. zambia just doesn't have the proper equipment and technology here to properly diagnose me.

the second week of the bowling league was last night, i did much better. i rolled a 159, 175, and 115. i am still too inconsistent. my average in the league though after two weeks though is 140, i am happy with that. our team did a lot better as well, possibly winning our match (results aren't in because handicaps haven't been calculated).

the pistons won game 2 of their series against the pacers, so it is tied 1-1 going to detroit. tayshawn prince had the most amazing block i have ever seen to end the game. he swatted away reggie miller's breakaway layup attempt that would have tied the game with 15 seconds. i was able to watch the replay of the game last night. go pistons!

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once again it has been weeks since i have posted. that is mainly because i have been sick for close to three weeks, meaning i have done absolutely nothing to write about. i had malaria the first week, now what i have is unknown. i have been to 2 doctors over 6 times total.

while most of the time i sit at home, i did get out last night as the new bowling league started. i bowled right at my league average of 131, which is still more than 15 pins below my regular average. i am actually on a team this time, which is fun. it is refreshing to be at the alley and not be in charge.

the new pedro the lion album is out, i would recommend buying it.

the detroit pistons and new jersey nets are playing game 7 tomorrow night of their playoff series. i am still trying to recover from detroit's 3 OT loss in game 5. only a win tomorrow will allow me to forget it.

soon i hope to come up with a new idea and design for this site. although that may have to wait until i can get back to the states and have high speed internet again. i still haven't figured out why this site doesn't archive itself.

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i watched donnie darko last night for the second time, but for the first time in about two years. i have decided it one of my favorite movies, and one of the best ever made. go rent it. and if you happen to live in seattle, the director's cut is premiering at the seattle film festival on may 29.

the pistons finished off the bucks and now face the nets in the second round. new jersey swept detroit in the eastern conference finals last year, hopefully that will be reversed.

i ordered the new pedro the lion album achilles heel, a few nights ago, i can't wait to hear it.

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i just accomplished one of my all-time sports goals- breaking 200 in a bowling game. i bowled a 203! i have been trying for years to do this, it took 4 strikes in a row in the middle of the game to do it. it was my first game of 4 today- 203, 156, 147, and 169. i bowled in league competition for the second time on wednesday, this time doing well- 135, 148, 181. now that i have broken 200 i need to reach my other athletic goal- running a sub-4 minute mile. :)

it is pouring down rain right now. zambia's rainy season was supposed to be over weeks ago, and we all thought it was, but it has been raining since last night. it is cold rain as well, i love it. supposedly rains this late in the year mean a very cold dry season, which is exactly what i want to hear. i am sick of being hot all the time.

the NBA playoffs start tomorrow, and i am more excited about them than i have been in years. for one, so many new teams made the playoffs, like the grizzlies and nuggets. and two, the pistons have a shot not only to win the eastern conference but the NBA championship. but as long as the lakers or spurs don't win it, i will be very happy with whoever the champion is.

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haven't written in a few weeks, things have been crazy (but fun) here. my brother has been here the past two weeks, he leaves today to fly to sydney, australia. my parents were here last week, it was great to have them here and see and experience what my life has been like the last year and a half.

there was a big fight at the bowling alley last week between two of the teams in the league i am in charge of. i wasn't there, but apparently one team wasn't too thrilled about the result of their match. i have been at the bowling alley a lot lately, some for work, but mostly just to bowl. keith bowled a 224 last time we went, he had 7 strikes in 8 frames and made the lusaka leaderboard. i bowled a 188 the previous game, but that was soon overlooked.

the pistons are rolling right now, which is good considering the playoffs start next week. i might actually get to watch some games too as my next-door neighbor just got a satellite dish. my brother brought me a tape of a pistons game, i need to watch it, it will be the first NBA game i have seen this season.

i haven't been to the movie theater in awhile, they have had no good movies. i did see 'the passion' two weeks ago. i liked it OK, but i have a much greater appreciation for Jesus' sacrifice reading about it in the Bible. i rented 'being john malkovich' on saturday, it is about time i saw that movie. so weird.

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georgia tech just beat kansas to advance to the final four. i am excited; my predection of GT over UConn in the championship game still has the chance to come true. xavier is leading duke right now, sure would be nice to see the blue devils lose.

today i returned to lusaka from our zambia cluster prayer retreat about an hour north of town. it was a time for all of the baptist missionaries to get together to pray. i had a great experience worshipping and learning.

i saw 'the passion' tonight. after all of the hype, it wasn't really what i expected. i enjoyed it, but it didn't hit me like i thought it might. i have a greater apprectiation for the sacrifice Jesus made by reading about it in the Bible rather than watching a movie interpretation of it.

i bowled as a substitute in one of the leagues last tuesday and did terrible. 3 games for a 108 average. this is after weeks of practice with my average well over 140. part of the problem is that i am used to bowling in a lane by myself and not with 3 other people. so i have bowled 4 practice games since at a slower pace and done better- 151, 123, 119, and 177, the last two games coming tonight. i will bowl for this team again on tuesday so i'll have a chance to redeem myself.

i had another basketball game canceled last week, always frustrating. i have another game this wednesday and unfortunately it is possibly the last game of the season- which also means it may be my last game to coach in zambia.

my brother comes tomorrow and my parents the next day; i am excited.

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i haven't posted in a while, been so busy i forgot to even go to this page.

my senior high girls won today 9-8, another close, low-scoring game. i was so nervous and excited. it was 6-6 at halftime, all of our points scored by our 11 year old point guard wonder. my girls teams are now a combined 7-0 with two games left and then a tournament i am planning.

i have been really busy at the bowling alley keeping two leagues going. i have practiced some, my average is in the mid 140s. definitely didn't stay as hot as i was my first day back after surgery. i am going to be a substitute for a team in the tuesday league next week, i can't wait to actually bowl in competition.

the NCAA tournament has started, and even though i can't watch it, i am still excited about it. i follow a lot of the games using text play by play on cbs.sportsline.com. i listened to a lot last year, but haven't yet this year because our internet in zambia has been so awful recently. and i don't have a team i am really pulling for. vandy, because that is where my dad went to school, and i have been attending games most of my life; cheering for georgia tech to win it all because they are the only team i like who has a chance. my final 4 picks are GT, wake fortest, UNC, and UConn. i came close to picking an all ACC final 4.

auburn fired cliff ellis after a disappointing season, he was supposedly 'surprised,' but i agree with decision. he is a nice guy, but it was just time for a change. sure, they made the sweet 16 last year, but that was solely because of marquis daniels. (who is now having a great undrafted rookie season for the dallas mavericks.)

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i got the new tess wiley album, 'not quite me,' in the mail on friday, i was extremely excited to say the least. most highly anticipated album for me in a long time. i have been listening to it non-stop ever since, and will continue to do so for awhile.

the pistons are finally playing well again, the rasheed wallace trade is paying off. they have held their last three opponents under 70 points, an NBA record. when they beat the nuggets a couple of nights ago by 30 no one on denver's team scored in double figures! that is the first time that has EVER happened since the NBA got a shot clock in the 1950's.

(listening to: tess wiley- 'not quite me')


my senior high team just won 10-9 in a crazy game. my starting backcourt was missing, PG was hurt and SG was out of town. not only do they control the tempo of our games, they score 2/3 of our points. we were fortunately able to find a way to win without them, against the most talented opponent we have faced. i used some of the players from the junior high team, including the PG, who played the entire game against girls who were all 4 years older than her.

yesterday at AIS there was a teachers vs. students basketball game, it was a lot of fun. the students killed us in the first half, leading 12-6 at the break. fortunately we woke up and outscored them 16-0 in the second half for a 22-12 win. it was the first time i have played basketball in awhile, it was a nice low-key way to start.

(listening to: blindside- 'about a burning fire')


my parents are coming in a month, and then my brother soon after, i am excited about that. no matter how much i tell people about zambia, you can't understand until you experience it for yourself.

as of monday, i am allowed to do physical activity again (a month has elapsed since i left the hospital). i was planning to swim first, but it rained non-stop for 2 days. yesterday i shot basketball for about 30 minutes after practice, it felt good. then yesterday night i bowled 7 games, and i bowled great! 156, 153, 147, 158, 156, 188, and 150. that's a 158 average, i was shocked. and 188 is my 3rd highest game ever.

i have recently seen 'something's gotta give' and 'love actually' in the theater here. not usually the type of movies i frequent, but i think 'love actually' is the best romantic comedy i have ever seen.

(listening to: sleeping at last- 'ghosts')


both of my girls basketball teams played and won yesterday. the jr. high team won 14-2 and the sr. high team won 23-4. more impressive than the scores is that all 5 starters for both teams scored. i am very excited about how they continue to improve.

the redskins are close to trading champ bailey to the broncos for clinton portis. while i am still upset bailey won't be back with washington, i can't imagine a better trade possibility. portis is one of the best RBs in the league, and only 22.

(listening to: blindside- 'about a burning fire')


'cold mountain' opened in zambia last night, i enjoyed it. definitely a different perspective on the civil war. i think i like most every movie jude law has ever been in.

the pistons were involved in a huge trade yesterday, which centered around the acquisition of rasheed wallace. i can't believe he really plays for detroit now. i think the pistons will definitely win the eastern conference now.

the redskins signed mark brunell yesterday. i now fear patrick ramsey will request a trade, but i am hoping that he will stay. it could be a great situation with both of them as QBs on the team.

both of my basketball games were canceled this week, fortunately they were rescheduled. not an unusual occurence when playing zambian schools.

(listening to: poor old lu- 'straight six')


i am taking care of someone's hamster right now, i had no idea a cute little furry thing could make so much noise!

the pistons have now lost 6 games in a row, they are falling apart. and it doesn't seem like it was that long ago that they won 13 in a row. oh well, all that matters is the playoffs, and hopefully they can have the honor of losing to the western confere������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������

i am taking care of someone's hamster right now, i had no idea a little cute furry thing could make so much noise!

the pistons have now lost 6 games in a row. wasn't that long ago that they had won 13 games in a row. a little consistency would be nice. all that matters is the playoffs though, and hopefully detroit will have the honor of losing to the western conference champion in the NBA finals.

chris simpson, lead singer/songwriter of mineral and the gloria record, has always been one of my favorite writers. his lyrics for this song, appearing on mineral's 1996 release 'the power of failing,' have been really meaningful to me lately:

'if i could'
"she stepped outside into the morning air to watch the cars go by and let the sun dry her hair i wanted to tell her how beautiful she was but i just stared i sat behind the wheel and watched the raindrops as they gathered on the windshield and raced down into the humming motor and she folded up her fears like paper airplanes and lost them in the trees and i know i don't deserve this: the capacity to feel (to laugh and to cry and to praise) for that i live and breathe and wake each day clean is nothing less than your grace (in awkward and glorious movement)."

(listening to: city on a hill- 'the gathering')


today was hard and exhausting. definitely busier than most days in zambia, but not sure if that had anything to do with it. i spent the last 3 hours at the bowling alley overseeing the 2nd week of our first league. it went smoothly, but i didn't want to be there. hopefully soon i will have it so well organized i won't have to attend the leagues. plus being at a bowling alley that much when i still can't bowl sucks! that will change soon fortunately.

basketball practice didn't go that well, i have been having major attendance issues. most of the core players are always there, but i even have problems with them coming. we only have two practices a week, basketball is just so different here. game tomorrow though, that will get me excited.

one of my best friends in zambia is going to be flown to the states soon for heart surgery, and in all probability will not return here. i have thought about that today quite a bit, it's a difficult situation.

i realize most of this post is negative, but other than today, the past few days have been great!

(listening to: beloved- the running EP)


ok, here is my rant about the current redskins situation. first of all they hire joe gibbs as coach, terrific. no better coach in professional football.

but now, i don't know have a clue what is going on. the main problem is the whole QB situation. the redskins have a great quarterback, patrick ramsey. yes, i am bias because i know him personally, but for a QB entering his 3rd year in the NFL you can't ask for much more. he played great last year, even with no blocking.

so the redskins are pursuing trading for mark brunell. he is a solid quarterback, but he is 10 years older than patrick ramsey.
and if the jaguars decided byron leftwich is better than brunell, then ramsey is definitely better! brunell would be a great back-up, but he doesn't want to be a back-up, and i can understand that.

the problem is that patrick ramsey has said, supposedly, that he will pursue a trade if the redskins sign brunell. i don't blame him for that, but i hope he doesn't, because i am positive ramsey would beat out brunell for the starting position. fortunately many other teams are pursuing brunell, so hopefully one of them will get him.

now the redskins have given champ bailey permission to seek a trade. why!? if he refuses to sign a new contract with the redskins, i can understand this, but the redskins need to do everything they can to keep him, he is the best CB in the NFL.

so, my two favorite players on my favorite team could be gone next year. i know joe gibbs can win with anyone, and the redskins have a solid core of players. but i don't want to see the redskins win with any QB other than patrick ramsey.

this is all reminding me of the situation 10 years ago where the redskins released all of their veteran players (including art monk) so that they would have money to sign their first round draft pick, heath shuler. that was one of the biggest mistakes in NFL history, the redskins have only made the playoffs once since then.

anyway, there is my thoughts. i should be a sportswriter.

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sr. high AIS girls basketball team just won their game 25-4. my girls played outstanding, i am excited. and the jr. high girls won 10-2 on wednesday, so it was a great basketball week. there is a new picture of my sr. high team on my yahoo picture site (link to the left).

tomorrow is valentine's day and for the first time in a long time i am actually excited about that.

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tonight was the first night of the first league at the bowling alley. it went smoothly, and i met tons of people once again.
it's no fun being at a bowling alley when i can't bowl though; another 3 weeks before i can.

i saw "kill bill" on saturday. a movie i initially avoided, but i loved it. i have never seen anything like that.

coached swimming yesterday for the first time since surgery, it was good to see the kids again. two basketball games this week, tomorrow and friday, should be fun!

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it's been a fun week. today i saw the movie 'the fighting temptations.' i had no desire to see it, but it was something to do, and i was pleasantly surprised. it is about a gospel choir in small-town georgia. the beginning of the movie takes place in 'georgia 1980.' it was funny, because i know i am the only person in the theater that actually lived in georgia in 1980.

first junior high girls basketball game was this week, we won 8-3. i was really proud of the girls. both practices this week went very well, made lots of progress. starting next week there will be games every wed. and fri. for at least 6 weeks straight.

tess wiley is about to release a new album, i am excited!

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what an amazing super bowl, in my opinion the best ever. that is of course excluding the 3 the redskins have won. it should have been a much better game, however. if the stupid panthers had just kicked the extra point to make it 21-17 adam vinatieri's kick would have sent the game in to OT at 31-31 instead of winning the game 32-29. coaches really need to think it through before going for 2.

i start back coaching girls basketball today, and i also get my stitches out.

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what a week. most of it spent in the hospital, after having my appendix removed in emergency surgery last sunday. it will be awhile before i am back to my regular schedule of coaching, and i can do no physical activity for a month.

i bowled 2 games last saturday, before the pain started, a 151 and 155. i also took 6 other people with me for free. such nice benefits.

i found somewhere to watch the superbowl live, go panthers!

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tonight was my first night working my new job. i oversaw the first 'business night' at the bowling alley, essentially a one night 'league.' met tons of people, answered tons of questions, and worked 3.5 hours which will result in lots more free games to play. i played 3 yesterday- 140, 157, and 131.

first week of AIS girl's basketball practice is over, we should have a great team. first game is next friday, i can't wait. swim practice continues to go well. i trained with the team 3 times this week, trying to get in shape and get fast again so i can compete.

am the busiest i have been since i have been in zambia, and i am loving it.

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just got back from taking advantage of the benefits of my new job. myself and six friends bowled for free. before that we watched 'the last samurai' (opened here today) and drank homemade root beer and played dominoes. a great night. tomorrow i have a swim meet to coach at, so since it's 2 am i should probably go to bed.


Best of 2003

the turn off the radio top 12 albums of 2003:

1. fountains of wayne- welcome interstate managers

2. thrice- the artist in the ambulance

3. death cab for cutie- transatlanticism

4. over the rhine- ohio

5. nada surf- let go

6. the appleseed cast- two conversations

7. sleeping at last- ghosts

8. elliott- song in the air

9. zwan- mary star of the sea

10. mates of state- team boo

11. brown feather sparrow- wide awakens everything

12. the jealous sound- kill them with kindness


as of today i am the league manager for the new bowling alley in lusaka, zambia. i have no idea how this happened, but i am excited. in exchange for my work i get to bowl as often as i want for free.
swim practice started yesterday, basketball practice starts next monday, i am going to be more busy than i have ever been in this country.

(listening to: mates of state- 'team boo')


changed a few things on this page, not sure what kind of theme to go with since it is not cold here in january. i am still shocked and thrilled with the joe gibbs hiring. i'll be getting back to the states just in time for the 2004 NFL season, i plan to watch every redskins game.

(listening to: fountains of wayne- 'welcome interstate managers')


the redskins hired joe gibbs as coach! amazing!

i just returned to lusaka after 2 weeks in johannesburg, south africa. it was nice to be in civilization for that time, it felt like being in the states. i went to 4 different malls, ate at lots of nice restaurants, and saw a few movies. the last 3 nights down there i ate thai food twice and japanese food once.

the reason i traveled down there, MK camp, was amazing. i got to meet lots of missionaries, saw some i hadn't seen in over a year, and made many new friends. i also got to experience the best worship i have had since leaving the states and heard sermons that i actually learned something from.

one of the most unique experiences i had was eating at a restaurant called 'the carnivore.' there are only 2 in the world, the other in nairobi, kenya. for 145 rand ($25) i got all you can eat meat (also soup, salad, bread, and dessert, but as you can tell by the name of the place, it is all about MEAT). there were 12 different kinds of animal including crocidile, ostrich, sable, kudu, pork, chicken, and beef.

i'll write more about this trip later, and post some pictures. and i need to change the look of this site now that Christmas has past.

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