NPR Music is ON FIRE right now

NPR always does a great job of previewing new albums, but the list they have going right now is ridiculous. Stream all of these new albums below right now for free (Release dates of 9/4 or 9/11):

Stars- The North

Avett Brothers- The Carpenter

Cat Power- Sun (The best of this list in my opinion)

Also, Deerhoof, Animal Collective, and more...


Forget Cassettes...

... is back, and my brother is now in the band. Pretty awesome. Instruments of Action is one of my favorite albums from 2003. You can hear it and 2006's Salt on the band's Bandcamp page.


The People's List: Top Albums 1996-2011

Both graphically and informationally, this is a must-see website...


Dustin Kensrue has a new EP out today

Dustin Kensrue surprised everyone today with a new EP under the band name The Modern Post. It is a release from Mars Hill Music, his new employer. I have barely listened to it, but it is a drastic departure from his solo album or anything he did with Thrice. Do yourself a favor and buy the EP through Bandcamp for $4 to save yourself a buck and direct a higher percentage of your money to the artist rather than Amazon or iTunes.



27 months after completion and a full two years after the original release date, Sixpence None the Richer's Lost in Transition is finally available to the public.

Amazon as usual is the cheapest place to buy both the physical (CD, 9.99) and digital (MP3, 6.99) versions. Inexplicably the digital version comes with a bonus track apparently not on the CD. I am very upset with Amazon that my CD did not arrive on release day; typically I get new releases the day before. Here is a hint: If you want the physical CD but also the bonus track, take note that when you buy the CD, Amazon gives you a free $1 credit for MP3s. I used this credit to download the bonus track, which unlike iTunes does not require a full album purchase.

Here's to many more Sixpence albums!