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(Listening to: The Be Good Tanyas- Chinatown)

I know, I am awful about updating this. The below information is about my wedding cd, which I had intended to have online before I got married. Well, I am slow, but here it is!

1. Craig Armstrong- 'Portuguese Love Theme'
From the 2003 'Love Actually' movie soundtrack
The first of two songs on this cd arranged by my brother Keith for the recessional at our wedding. Jessie & I first saw this movie in the theater at Zambia and loved it. Probably my favorite romantic comedy of all time.

2. Death Cab for Cutie- 'Transatlanticism'
From the 2003 album 'Transatlanticism' on Barsuk Records
Death Cab was one of the first of 'my bands' that I introduced to Jessie. She fell in love with them and we listened to them together often. When Jessie left for the States in May and I was still in Zambia for two months without her, this song became our theme song as we were seperated by the Atlantic Ocean. This song was also used in our wedding during the prelude as Kimberly sang accompanied by Keith on piano and a flute/violin/cello trio. "I need you so much closer..."

2. Death Cab for Cutie- 'Passenger Seat'
From the 2003 album 'Transatlanticism' on Barsuk Records
The song following 'Transatlanticism' on the cd of the same title. Jessie made a comment about this song to the effect of, "the way a love song should be written." When she said that, just a couple of weeks into our dating relationship, I knew there was something different and special about her.

4. Over the Rhine- 'Fool'
From the 2003 double cd 'Ohio' on Back Porch Records
When Jessie and I are together there is no band we would rather listen to than Over the Rhine. The week of our first date Jessie commented on an Over the Rhine poster I had on my wall so I let her borrow 'Ohio.' The 2 cd is set is now an all time favorite for both of us. We decided to use this song as for our first dance at our wedding reception. While we both like Over the Rhine, her and my favorite songs by them are much different; this falls right in the middle and is perfect for the occasion.

5. Patsy Cline- 'Walkin' After Midnight'
From the 1963 album 'The Patsy Cline Story' on MCA Nashville
Jessie loves to sing karaoke, and this is 'her' song. One time when we were driving around in downtown Lusaka she started singing it out of the blue and I was supposed to guess what it was. I didn't get it right then, but I always recognize the song now!

6. Sixpence None the Richer- 'Dizzy'
From the 2002 cd 'Divine Discontent' on Reprise Records
Similarly to Over the Rhine, Jessie and I both love Sixpence, but our favorite songs by the band are much different. 'Dizzy' would fall in the middle. This is another song we considered for our first dance, but "Fool" has much more meaning to us. Sixpence None the Richer's 1995 album "This Beautiful Mess" is my favorite album of all time.

7. Tess Wiley- 'My Fortress and My Shield'
From the 2004 album 'Not Quite Me' on Tapete Records
I received this album in the mail, Tess sent it to me in Zambia from Germany. I got it while Jessie and I were dating and we listened to it constantly in the car. This song's lyrics are taken directly from Psalm 42.

8. Brandtson- 'Escapist'
From the 2004 album 'Send Us a Signal' on the Militia Group
This album was waiting for me in the mail when I returned from Zambia in July. Jessie and I spent most of this month on the road and this is the cd we listened to more than any other. I have loved Brandtson for years, but this was Jessie's first time to hear them. She didn't like them at first, but now she often asks if we can listen to them. This is her favorite song from the album. Brandtson was the last concert I saw before I moved to Zambia and I also saw them in concert on vacation in Germany.

9. Fountains of Wayne- 'Hey Julie'
From the 2003 album 'Welcome Interstate Managers' on Atlantic Records
I put this song on Jessie's Valentine's Day cd and she loved it. A hilarious song, just substitute 'Jessie' for 'Julie.'

10. Color Me Badd- 'All 4 Love'
From the 1991 album 'C.M.B.' on Warner Brothers Records
I was sitting in Jessie's kitchen once in Zambia and we were listening to 'cheesy' music. This was the only song I liked that I heard that day because it brought back memories from hearing it on Casey's Top 40. Great lyrics for a love song.

11. For those of you who have heard the cd, you either recognized this immediately, or don't have a clue what it is. It is the theme from the movies 'Kill Bill' Volumes 1 and 2. Soundtrack can be found on a 2003 Maverick Records release.

12. Fleming & John- 'Shhh!'
From the 1999 album 'The Way We Are' on Universal Records

13. Matthew Ngosa- 'Ukolela'
I actually know nothing about this song except that it is in a Zambian language, probably Bemba.

14. GRITS- Be Mine
From the 2002 album 'The Art of Translation' on Gotee Records

15. The Postal Service- 'Such Great Heights'
From the 2003 album 'Give Up' on Sub Pop Records

16. Jimmy Eat World- '23'
From the 2004 album 'Futures' on Dreamworks Records

17. Luxury- 'Solid Gold'
From the 1995 album 'Amazing and Thank You' on Tooth and Nail Records

18. Craig Armstrong- 'Prime Minister's Love Theme'
From the 2003 'Love Actually' movie soundtrack