georgia tech just beat kansas to advance to the final four. i am excited; my predection of GT over UConn in the championship game still has the chance to come true. xavier is leading duke right now, sure would be nice to see the blue devils lose.

today i returned to lusaka from our zambia cluster prayer retreat about an hour north of town. it was a time for all of the baptist missionaries to get together to pray. i had a great experience worshipping and learning.

i saw 'the passion' tonight. after all of the hype, it wasn't really what i expected. i enjoyed it, but it didn't hit me like i thought it might. i have a greater apprectiation for the sacrifice Jesus made by reading about it in the Bible rather than watching a movie interpretation of it.

i bowled as a substitute in one of the leagues last tuesday and did terrible. 3 games for a 108 average. this is after weeks of practice with my average well over 140. part of the problem is that i am used to bowling in a lane by myself and not with 3 other people. so i have bowled 4 practice games since at a slower pace and done better- 151, 123, 119, and 177, the last two games coming tonight. i will bowl for this team again on tuesday so i'll have a chance to redeem myself.

i had another basketball game canceled last week, always frustrating. i have another game this wednesday and unfortunately it is possibly the last game of the season- which also means it may be my last game to coach in zambia.

my brother comes tomorrow and my parents the next day; i am excited.

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i haven't posted in a while, been so busy i forgot to even go to this page.

my senior high girls won today 9-8, another close, low-scoring game. i was so nervous and excited. it was 6-6 at halftime, all of our points scored by our 11 year old point guard wonder. my girls teams are now a combined 7-0 with two games left and then a tournament i am planning.

i have been really busy at the bowling alley keeping two leagues going. i have practiced some, my average is in the mid 140s. definitely didn't stay as hot as i was my first day back after surgery. i am going to be a substitute for a team in the tuesday league next week, i can't wait to actually bowl in competition.

the NCAA tournament has started, and even though i can't watch it, i am still excited about it. i follow a lot of the games using text play by play on cbs.sportsline.com. i listened to a lot last year, but haven't yet this year because our internet in zambia has been so awful recently. and i don't have a team i am really pulling for. vandy, because that is where my dad went to school, and i have been attending games most of my life; cheering for georgia tech to win it all because they are the only team i like who has a chance. my final 4 picks are GT, wake fortest, UNC, and UConn. i came close to picking an all ACC final 4.

auburn fired cliff ellis after a disappointing season, he was supposedly 'surprised,' but i agree with decision. he is a nice guy, but it was just time for a change. sure, they made the sweet 16 last year, but that was solely because of marquis daniels. (who is now having a great undrafted rookie season for the dallas mavericks.)

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i got the new tess wiley album, 'not quite me,' in the mail on friday, i was extremely excited to say the least. most highly anticipated album for me in a long time. i have been listening to it non-stop ever since, and will continue to do so for awhile.

the pistons are finally playing well again, the rasheed wallace trade is paying off. they have held their last three opponents under 70 points, an NBA record. when they beat the nuggets a couple of nights ago by 30 no one on denver's team scored in double figures! that is the first time that has EVER happened since the NBA got a shot clock in the 1950's.

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my senior high team just won 10-9 in a crazy game. my starting backcourt was missing, PG was hurt and SG was out of town. not only do they control the tempo of our games, they score 2/3 of our points. we were fortunately able to find a way to win without them, against the most talented opponent we have faced. i used some of the players from the junior high team, including the PG, who played the entire game against girls who were all 4 years older than her.

yesterday at AIS there was a teachers vs. students basketball game, it was a lot of fun. the students killed us in the first half, leading 12-6 at the break. fortunately we woke up and outscored them 16-0 in the second half for a 22-12 win. it was the first time i have played basketball in awhile, it was a nice low-key way to start.

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my parents are coming in a month, and then my brother soon after, i am excited about that. no matter how much i tell people about zambia, you can't understand until you experience it for yourself.

as of monday, i am allowed to do physical activity again (a month has elapsed since i left the hospital). i was planning to swim first, but it rained non-stop for 2 days. yesterday i shot basketball for about 30 minutes after practice, it felt good. then yesterday night i bowled 7 games, and i bowled great! 156, 153, 147, 158, 156, 188, and 150. that's a 158 average, i was shocked. and 188 is my 3rd highest game ever.

i have recently seen 'something's gotta give' and 'love actually' in the theater here. not usually the type of movies i frequent, but i think 'love actually' is the best romantic comedy i have ever seen.

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