The Redskins won! Ended their 3 game losing streak, it's about time. To make the playoffs they will need to win the NFC east. In order for that to happen they need to win their final four games and the Giants need to lose to the Chiefs in a few weeks. Possible, but doubtful.

Updated Christmas list:

Big item:
Record player/Turntable

256 MB of RAM (or 512 MB or 1 GB) for our Dell Dimension 2400 Desktop computer

Blindside- The Great Depression
The Juliana Theory- Deadbeat Sweet Heartbeat
Demon Hunter- The Triptych

European import CDs:
The Spirit That Guides Us- North and South

DVDs: (Widescreen only)
Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith
Donnie Darko (original version, NOT Director’s Cut)
Spiderman 2

Music DVDs:
Thrice- If You Could Only See Us Now
Blindside- 10 Years Running Blind
Beloved- Kiss It Goodbye

And I could always use new dress shirts (size 16 1/2, 36/37) and ties

Listening to: Tess Wiley- 'Same Old Way Out'

Auburn 28, Alabama 18.
And my wife and I were there!


Back to back nights, exact opposite emotions. Auburn wins on an amazing play, and the Redskins lose on one. Unfortunately for Washington, that is probably then end of their playoff chances.