New songs from two of my favorite bands of the 2000's...

New songs from Mates of State and mewithoutYou in the same afternoon? I'll take it! I'll let the songs speak for themselves, but both are spectacular.


Aaron Sprinkle + Jesse Sprinkle = Blank Books

Watch below Jesse Sprinkle create the drum part for his brother's Aaron's song. This is pretty exciting, as it is the first time they have worked on a full length album together in 13 years (?). The band name Blank Books is a little too similar to the existing band Black Books in my opinion, but I do like the concept behind it (and it is much better than "The Sprinkle Brothers"!).

Jesse Sprinkle is potentially my favorite drummer of all time; his parts are just so unique (and can best be heard on any Poor Old Lu album, particularly "Sin"). And the song (which begins around the 2:00 mark) is terrific, and is a great return to rock'n'roll after Aaron's good yet bizarre electronic album a couple years ago.


New Dustin Kensrue album with commentary on YouTube

This is an interesting new concept. Thrice has always been known for, and I have loved, their detailed liner notes and commentary on their songs in the artwork for their albums. But here, instead of the comments being written, Dustin speaks them at the beginning of each song. And the comments here are strictly about the lyrics, whereas in the Thrice liner notes there was always also a lot about the instrumentation and song development.

About the album, it is terrific. Definitely the best thing Dustin has done outside of Thrice. And an encouraging return to form after the weak Water and the Blood (I expressed my feelings about it here).


1995 bands killing it on Kickstarter

So last night this Kickstarter was launched, and was fully funded in only a couple hours:

Then last week this Kickstarter launched, and it only took a couple days:

What's next? I sure have some ideas. In the meantime, how about you get on board with this?