Reason to buy vinyl #1: The Appleseed Cast- Sagarmatha

CD and Digital album cover:

Artist: The Appleseed Cast
Album: Sagarmatha
Label: Graveface Records (Vinyl), The Militia Group (CD and digital)
Release date: 02/24/09
Tracks: 10 (one bonus track only available on vinyl)
Free digital copy? Only for the bonus track unfortunately, because of the different record labels.
Vinyl: 2 LPs, maroon and purple splattered (first pressing, 1000 copies, out of print). First 250 copies were hand numbered. Current/second pressing is black vinyl.
Artwork: Exclusive to vinyl and drastically different than CD/digital version. Honestly mind-boggling that they didn't use the vinyl artwork for all releases; it is far superior.
How to buy: www.graveface.com