Sunny Day Real Estate, originally uploaded by feelingsinister.

Sunny Day Real Estate, Jimmy Eat World and Glassjaw shared the same stage in Australia last night, that is an epic line-up. Photo is of Dan Hoerner, he doesn't get enough love. Here is a review of the show.



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mewithoutYou at Cornerstone

Pretty random entry, but I was going through a lot of old photos recently and came upon this one, which I love. It is outside the Encore 2 tent at Cornerstone 2007.

The new Fair album is out, and as you can tell from Last.fm, I have been listening to it constantly. BUY IT.


Roy Ira

If this picture isn't enough to intrigue you, then go check out Roy Ira's songs at Myspace or Facebook. Much different than most music I listen to, but equally as good. This description should help you decide whether or not you are interested, taken straight from the band's Myspace: "Sounds like: hank williams and the carter family meet will oldham, perhaps. but not nearly that good. maybe beck 'one foot in the grave' runs into the johnny cash american recordings outtakes. hopefully something like that."

They just recently recorded a new 6 song EP, and you can hear all the songs online. They are performing Feb. 20 at the Mercy Lounge in Nashville, TN.


Reason to buy vinyl #2: Thrice- Beggars

Artist: Thrice
Album:Vagrant Records
Release date: 12/15/09 (Vinyl; digital release 8/11/09 and CD on 9/15/09)
Tracks: 10
Free digital copy? Yes, includes download card.
Vinyl: 1 LP, clear blue. Pressing limited to 2000 copies, 500 of each color.
Artwork: Contains 24 page 11" x 11" full-color book. Features full lyrics, extensive liner notes, comments by each member of the band on each song, and photography by Matt Wignall. Far more extensive than CD release.
How to buy: www.vagrant.com