Another reason to buy vinyl...

(Not that I can afford to buy it myself.)


LA to NYC: Road trip mix

I started working on making a road trip mix last summer, trying to find as many songs as I could about places and driving. My wife and I were about to embark on a summer road trip that would cover most of the Eastern United States. I made a mix, but it didn't flow well; I was not pleased with it.

Last year I came up with the idea of making CDs for the graduating seniors at the school I teach at. This year for the CD I decided I would try the road trip idea again, since they are all dispersing from Rome, GA to schools all over the country (if not world).

I started out with about 40 songs and deliberated for awhile, experimenting with different track orders. I am very pleased with 20 songs that made it and I think it flows really well.

(First link is to band's Myspace site, second link is to a 'related' image.)
3. Mamas and the Papas- California Dreaming
5. Death Cab for Cutie- Why'd You Want to Live Here?



Starflyer 59- Ghosts of the Future

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Another reason to buy vinyl.

I didn't take these pictures, but I have the set, and it is gorgeous. Last year, Burnt Toast Vinyl offered up a pre-order to get a set of 10 7-inches by Starflyer 59, "Ghosts of the Future." It was fairly expensive, $59.59, but I had just gotten a raise, and sounded like a good investment.

As of last week, the set is complete. 10 records, 20 songs, 10 different colors of vinyl, one wooden box, record-covers that create a puzzle, and autographed liner notes. It is far and away the coolest presentation out of all of the music I own.

Click on this picture to see a lot more of the set.