anyone got a job for me? searching for employment is how i spend most of my days now; that and planning my wedding. the wedding stuff is fun, but the job stuff definitely is not. if anyone has any leads in the pittsburgh or nashville areas please let me know.

the olympics are in full swing, i am really enjoying them, especially the swimming. i swam competitively for 10 years and cannot comprehend how fast those swimmers are moving through the water.

over the rhine is playing in pittsburgh tonight, i am excited about that, i haven't seen them in over two years. it will be my 4th concert since returning to the states. lovedrug was so far my favorite, and 'pretend you're alive' is easily my choice for album of the year. luxury is releasing a new album this fall i am of course very excited about.

if you are in the nashville area watch out for shows from the astronaut pushers, that is matt slocum's (sixpence) new band.

(listening to: old canes- early morning hymns)