Best of 2019 at the midpoint and a 15 song playlist

NPR's best songs and albums of 2019 thus far reminded me that I have a blog. :) Wish I had more time to post and write, but not in the cards at this stage of life. Still listening to music a ton of course, and if you desire more frequent updates check out my Instagram feed as I post pictures of albums and comment on them there. Here is my most recent post:

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(To add a little twist since I'm not going to comment in detail, I'll add the year I began listening to each of these artists.)

So that leads me into my top 10 LPs through the first six months of 2019:
1. The Appleseed Cast- The Fleeting Light of Impermanence
Since 1998
2. Better Oblivion Community Center- Better Oblivion Community Center (Instagram)
Since 2019
3. Charly Bliss- Young Enough (Instagram)
Since 2017
4. Hatchie- Keepsake (Instagram)
Since 2017
5. Starflyer 59- Young in my Head (Instagram)
Since 1993
6. Pedro the Lion- Phoenix (Instagram)
Since 1997
7. The Cranberries- In the End (Instagram)
Since 1994
8. Haybaby- They Get There (Instagram)
Since 2019
9. Over the Rhine- Love & Revelation (Instagram)
Since 1994
10. Patty Griffin- Patty Griffin
Since 2004

Top 5 EPs of 2019:
1. Mineral- One Day When We are Young (Instagram)
Since 1996
2. Caracara- Better (Instagram)
Since 2019
3. Middle Kids- New Songs for Old Problems (Instagram)
Since 2018
4. Thrice- Deeper Wells (Instagram)
Since 2002
5. Rose Blossom Punch- Sorry to Disappoint You (Instagram)
Since 1995