Poor Old Lu's first song in over a decade is OUT NOW

The song is absolutely incredible, and the work of a band that sounds tighter than ever, not one that has been "inactive" since 2002. Here's hoping that the momentum created by this track leads to the band recording together more. It won't be easy, since the four band members live in three different states (WA, NY, TN), but modern technology at least makes writing and recording music with others from a distance possible.


New Appleseed Cast song

The Appleseed Cast, set to release their 8th LP in 15 years on April 23, posted this song today:

You can order the new album, Illumination Ritual, from Graveface Records. There are three different vinyl versions, cassette (!), CD, and digital.


CUSH- All My Eyes Knew

Cush continues to release one song a month from their upcoming SP3 EP. This is track 3 of 7, but they have actually released four so far.