Thrice & New Pornographers

Um, yeah, so I counted down to the release of "The Alchemy Index" for months, then I failed to post when it was released, on Oct. 16. It is amazing, even better than I anticipated. Should definitely be my number one album of 2007. Listen to songs from it here.

I have been busy, but I have many posts to come, including my "best of 1992". I saw the New Pornographers last night, I intend to post a complete concert report, it is just a matter of time. Here are some pics that I took and a link to another review that includes a video:

Here are the rest of the images from the show at the Variety Playhouse.


Thrice- Alchemy Index (Video 9)

One week to go!

New Radiohead album is out today...

You can buy it digitally from their website, you pay whatever price you want- 1 cent, 1 dollar, 10 dollars? You can also buy an amazing looking box set (2 vinyl records, 2 LPs) that will ship in December. The box set cost 40 pounds, which is $81. Maybe a Christmas gift from someone?