Poor Old Lu Kickstarter; pledge now!

Poor Old Lu is half-way through their Kickstarter campaign to release their debut album Mindsize--celebrating its 25th anniversary--on vinyl and deluxe CD. If funded, this includes never-before heard demos, photos, artwork, etc.

136 people have pledged at the time I write this, and 300 or so are needed. Pledge now! If you are a fan, then your participation is essential, and if you are not, now's the time to become one. Many Lu fans might prefer their later work, and desire it more on vinyl, but in order for those reissues to come, this one needs to be successful.

Poor Old Lu was an essential member of the 1990's Seattle underground scene, and close friends and collaborators of Jeremy Enigk. They existed during the rise of grunge and emo, but were neither. They may be the most unclassifiable band I am aware of.

The most thorough post I have ever done on the band is What if Lu had Lived? Poor Old Lu's top 25 songs.

Here is one of the few videos of Poor Old Lu in their early years, and one of the best songs on Mindsize: