I have been pretty terrible with updating this blog, as usual. I got more into it in the Spring, mainly posting on my 'take back the radio' blog, but I have done nothing with either of my blogs in forever.

First of all, I should probably comment on the Pistons. They have been playing like crap for almost a month now. The Cleveland series was horrific. Typically winning a 7-game series should be fun and excited, but it was excruciating to watch. The Heat series has been just as bad. The Pistons will probably play their last game of the 05-06 season tonight. I believe they can win, but they have to play at a different level, a level they have not played at in a month. If they lose tonight, they should fire Flip Saunders and re-hire Larry Brown. They should have never fired Larry Brown to begin with. Game 5 was mostly fun to watch, the Pistons playing like themselves for some of the time. This is the play of the series for me:

(can't get image to import right now)

X-Men: The Last Stand. Pretty big disappointment. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed some of it, but overall it was just ridiculous. The strength of the X-Men series, whether it has been the comics, the cartoon, or the movies has been the stories and character development. X-Men 3's story was dumb and predictable, and there was no character development. One of the best parts about this movie was that they introduced tons of new X-Men, but unless you read the comics you wouldn't have known who any of them were. The first two movies did a great job of explaining who each mutant was, and what their powers are.

The two very short ending scenes redeemed the movie for me. Magneto moving the metal chess piece showed that "the cure" is only temporary, and then the final scene, after the credits, showed that Professor X is still alive, in a new body. Cyclops is probably still alive as well, since they did not show his death, the characters just assumed it. I could care less about him dying though. He is a great leader in the comics, but pretty much worthless in the movies.

Jean Grey in some ways really did die at the end of X2, and the Phoenix is a force, not a person, so she is still alive as well. Visually I was not impressed by the Phoenix, she looked more like a demon than anything. The dark eyes and face, with the protruding veins was just disgusting. They should have used the same visual effects as in X2, when it just appeared Jean/Phoenix was on fire.

The main lose ends that need to be tied up for X4 is showing me that Mystique and Rogue have regained their powers. I know they next movie plan is for Wolverine and Magneto prequels, but those do not interest me anywhere near as much as X4.

Lastly, the new Fair album comes out this Tuesday! The four songs I have heard off of the album are amazing!