If anyone is still looking for a Christmas present for me and has lots of $$$ to spend, I have a big item I still want- tickets to see Detroit play at Atlanta. I have never been to an NBA game before, the only professional sport I have not witnessed in person. The Pistons play in Atlanta twice this year- January 18 and February 7. I realize this is unrealistic, but I might as well ask!
How about Chauncey Billups' 19 assists last night? He better make the All-Star game this year.


I am about to do my final grading of projects for 2005. Woo-hoo! For some reason my last post has a date of November 20, but it was December 1.
The Redskins won again, despite the fact that Brunell sucked. They are a much improved team, at 7-6, with already more wins than last year and three games to go. But, they are not going to be any better next year unless they have a different QB. They need a LEADER. Someone who can go out and will the Redskins to win. Right now all the little pieces are in place, but the big one is missing. If they win out they should win the NFC East, but winning out is going to be next to impossible. I would feel much better this Sunday against the Cowboys if they had a single healthy CB. They are going to be starting safeties at corner.
The Pistons are ROLLING. They were horrible Monday, but are 15-3 overall, and are playing good in the regular season for the first time ever with their current line-up. They need to get overall home court, that is the only reason they lost in the Finals last year, they had to play 4 games on the road.
I got the new Thrice CD, FINALLY. It is amazing! I had already heard most of it, but it is nice to hear the songs at high quality and with the lyrics and liner notes in front of me. Their packaging is excellent as usual, with content and design. Each band member writes about their contributions to each song, fascinating stuff.
Coosa, our cat, got neutered today, and had his claws removed. He is staying overnight at the vet, I hope he is OK! Had to get the stuff done though before we take him with us to Nashville and Pittsburgh for Christmas though.
I saw 'The Lion, the Witch, and the Warddrobe' on Saturday, didn't impress me. I liked it, because I love the story, but nothing about it was too visually exciting. I have no major complaints, they just left out some important dialogue. One line they left out that most people would not consider important, but I definitely do, is from page 1 of chapter 3:
"Poor old Lu, hiding and nobody noticed!"

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