i once again apologize to those of you who read this, because i once again forgot this page existed. my life is insanely busy, i haven't even though about updating it.

on friday my fiance and i are moving to nashville. we will be there until God leads us elsewhere, which could be soon. we are excited to be in the south!

we will be attending the auburn football game on saturday where we will see the top-10 ranked tigers in action. war eagle! i am still excited about the saturday win over LSU, the defending national champions (sort of, USC was the real champ).

the redskins looked awful on sunday, but only losing by 6 points when you have 7 turnovers has to count for something. i just hope they beat the cowboys and my friend patrick plays well in his first start this year.

a little over two months until my wedding!

(listening to: jimmy eat world- futures)