If anyone is still looking for a Christmas present for me and has lots of $$$ to spend, I have a big item I still want- tickets to see Detroit play at Atlanta. I have never been to an NBA game before, the only professional sport I have not witnessed in person. The Pistons play in Atlanta twice this year- January 18 and February 7. I realize this is unrealistic, but I might as well ask!
How about Chauncey Billups' 19 assists last night? He better make the All-Star game this year.


I am about to do my final grading of projects for 2005. Woo-hoo! For some reason my last post has a date of November 20, but it was December 1.
The Redskins won again, despite the fact that Brunell sucked. They are a much improved team, at 7-6, with already more wins than last year and three games to go. But, they are not going to be any better next year unless they have a different QB. They need a LEADER. Someone who can go out and will the Redskins to win. Right now all the little pieces are in place, but the big one is missing. If they win out they should win the NFC East, but winning out is going to be next to impossible. I would feel much better this Sunday against the Cowboys if they had a single healthy CB. They are going to be starting safeties at corner.
The Pistons are ROLLING. They were horrible Monday, but are 15-3 overall, and are playing good in the regular season for the first time ever with their current line-up. They need to get overall home court, that is the only reason they lost in the Finals last year, they had to play 4 games on the road.
I got the new Thrice CD, FINALLY. It is amazing! I had already heard most of it, but it is nice to hear the songs at high quality and with the lyrics and liner notes in front of me. Their packaging is excellent as usual, with content and design. Each band member writes about their contributions to each song, fascinating stuff.
Coosa, our cat, got neutered today, and had his claws removed. He is staying overnight at the vet, I hope he is OK! Had to get the stuff done though before we take him with us to Nashville and Pittsburgh for Christmas though.
I saw 'The Lion, the Witch, and the Warddrobe' on Saturday, didn't impress me. I liked it, because I love the story, but nothing about it was too visually exciting. I have no major complaints, they just left out some important dialogue. One line they left out that most people would not consider important, but I definitely do, is from page 1 of chapter 3:
"Poor old Lu, hiding and nobody noticed!"

Listening to: Thrice-Vheissu


The Redskins won! Ended their 3 game losing streak, it's about time. To make the playoffs they will need to win the NFC east. In order for that to happen they need to win their final four games and the Giants need to lose to the Chiefs in a few weeks. Possible, but doubtful.

Updated Christmas list:

Big item:
Record player/Turntable

256 MB of RAM (or 512 MB or 1 GB) for our Dell Dimension 2400 Desktop computer

Blindside- The Great Depression
The Juliana Theory- Deadbeat Sweet Heartbeat
Demon Hunter- The Triptych

European import CDs:
The Spirit That Guides Us- North and South

DVDs: (Widescreen only)
Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith
Donnie Darko (original version, NOT Director’s Cut)
Spiderman 2

Music DVDs:
Thrice- If You Could Only See Us Now
Blindside- 10 Years Running Blind
Beloved- Kiss It Goodbye

And I could always use new dress shirts (size 16 1/2, 36/37) and ties

Listening to: Tess Wiley- 'Same Old Way Out'

Auburn 28, Alabama 18.
And my wife and I were there!


Back to back nights, exact opposite emotions. Auburn wins on an amazing play, and the Redskins lose on one. Unfortunately for Washington, that is probably then end of their playoff chances.


It is Saturday morning and I am on my second day of weekend dorm duty. Far and away the worst part about working for this school. The kids are great, but the hours- RIDICULOUS. Yesterday was from 5 pm to 12:30 am, today from 11 am to 12:30 am, and then tomorrow from 11 am to 6 pm. I did get caught up on a lot of grading last night, and discovered some new music through a long conversation with a student. Today will be fine because I can watch the Auburn-Ole Miss game at 12:30 and then the Georgia-Florida at 3:30. Then I will watch the 'Batman Begins' DVD which a friend rented.

Auburn still has a chance to play (and hopefully beat) two undefeated top-5 teams. Georgia next week, and then of course against Bama on Nov. 19, a game in which I will be seeing in person. I wish we had a kicker, then maybe we could have beaten LSU last week. 1 for 5 on FGs is insane.

Tomorrow the Redskins are actually on locally! They are playing the Giants for 1st place in the NFC East. It is fun to actually have a competitive, competent Washington team to cheer for.

I ordered the Luxury album, I should have it Monday, I can't wait. I still really want to order the Thrice album, but until I do I can continue to listen to it in its entirety streaming on MySpace. Stavesacre posted a brand new song on their MySpace site which is incredible. They have a new album coming out in early 2006 which they just finished recording. They haven't released anything good since 1999's 'Speakeasy,' but that will change with 'How to Live with a Curse.'

I have a long Christmas/Birthday want list of CDs, I am getting behind. Maybe I'll post it on here. :)

Cross Country season ended successfully, the kids did great. Swim practice started this week, first meet is December 1.

Listening to: Stavesacre- 'Kill My Darlings'


Once again it has been forever since I have posted. I still don't have a true purpose for this site, although someday I will, so I just renewed my domain through Yahoo for the incredibly cheap price of $2.99 a year. Middle school cross country season is almost over and my team has had incredible year bringing in a total of 5 team trophies. Swim season will begin soon. Teaching and coaching is a crazy busy time, but I love it.

The Pistons had their first preseason game of the year, I can't believe it's already time for the NBA again. The Redskins are 3-1 and legitimately good. They barely won their first 3 games, and barely lost the last one. 10-6 is my personal goal for them and within reach. I wish Patrick was playing, but Brunell is doing great. I have to admit I doubted when Joe Gibbs made the switch. I can't wait to watch them play the Cheifs this Sunday. I also have two co-workers who are Redskins fan, it has been a long time since I have even had a single friend who liked Washington.

Auburn is playing great since thier inexplicable opening day loss to now 3-2 GT. Their competition has been weak, but they have pummelled everyone. They should do the same to Arkansas this week, then they have a real test at LSU. They will play two other top 10 teams this year, and if they can win all those game, they will be the best team in the SEC. Winning 2 of 3 is more likely, and will still give them a great season. I have been very impressed with Brandon Cox.

Big news all around Northern Records: First of all, I am somewhat embarassed to admit I am currently listening to the new Kevin Max record. I hate everything thing remotely related to DC Talk, but his new album is produced by Andy Prickett and has other contributors such as Frank Lenz, Chris Colbert, Holly Nelson, Jason Martin, and Aaron Sterling. The album is currently streaming for free, and the rock songs are great. I won't buy it as I lack funds, but it is solid.

Also recently the Northern Records message board has been full of news surrounding a possible new Cush LP. Line-up would be Andy Prickett on guitar, Eric Campuzano on bass, Doug Moss on keyboards and guitar, and Frank Lenz & Wayne Everett on drums. Right now Andy has been polling the fans to find a lead singer. Mike Knott is out, and right now the leading candidates are Jyro Xhan, Tim Taber, and Mike Roe. Needless to say, I am thrilled. Then also this week Northern released the new Luxury album- 'Health & Sport.' It is their first album in six years. I can't wait to hear it, but unfortunately I can't order it for another week.

I pretty much buy an album per month now. Last month's was Nada Surf- 'The Weight is a Gift.' It is a solid pop-rock album, but definitely not as good as the amazing 'Let Go.' August's album was Death Cab for Cutie- 'Plans.' It is solid, but a bit of a letdown honestly. I find it a little overproduced and redundant. I prefer 'Transatlanticism' and 'The Photo Album.' Like I said, October's album is Luxury- 'Health & Sport.' I am also very excited about the new Thrice album 'Vheissu' which will be released on October 18. It will have to be my November purchase.

There are two new films debuting this week that I am thrilled about. First of all the new Cameron Crowe film 'Elizabethtown' starring Kirsten Dunst and Orlando Bloom. Also I can't wait to see 'Domino' (Harvey) starring Keira Knightly. Then releasing on DVD next Tuesday is my favorite movie of 2005, 'Batman Begins.'

There is a nice update, longer than I have written in forever. :) Sorry for no links, but they take too much time. That's what Google is for.

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Teaching and coaching is underway, and I am extremely busy, but I love it. The new Death Cab for Cutie album will be released on Tuesday, I have heard it, and it is amazing. If you pre-order it from Amazon you can stream the album for free.
Other notable albums being released soon:
Nada Surf- The Weight is a Gift (Sept. 13)
The Juliana Theory- Deadbeat Sweetheartbeat (Sept. 13)
Luxury- Health & Sport (September)
Jimmy Eat World- Stay on My Side Tonight EP (Sept. 6)
Thrice- Vheissu (Oct. 18)
Elliott- Photorecording (Sept. 13)

Listening to: Death Cab for Cutie- 'Plans'


I haven't posted on here in a month, and probably will continue to ignore this blog until I can find a definite purpose for it. Biggest music news for me lately is that Chris Simpson is back (Mineral, the Gloria Record) with a solo project called Zookeeper. You can find three great songs on Myspace.com. I can't wait for football to begin, I am excited about watching the Redskins and Auburn again. The Redskins will probably be awful as usual, but at least Patrick Ramsey is starting and they have low expectations. Auburn's entire backfield has changed, but I expect them to be good and win the SEC West again. A couple months ago when the Orioles were 14 games above .500 and in 1st in the AL East I thought they would finally have a good season. But then they lost, lost, and lost some more; fired their manager; and Rafael Palmeiro was suspended for steriods. Now they find themselves 5 games under .500 and in 4th in the AL East- ridiculous. But, now that football is almost here I can ignore baseball as usual.

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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I uploaded a bunch of the pictures I took at the Eisley/Lovedrug/Pilotdrift show, you can find them all here.

Here are a couple for your immediate viewing pleasure:

Listening to: Morella's Forest- From Dayton With Love


I have been on vacation for almost two weeks, so sorry for the lack of posts. A bad time to not be posting as well, as my blog was recently featured in the Tennessean newspaper on July 5 about blogs in Williamson County, TN. I don't know how many people visited my site, but I am sure they were disappointed with the lack of content.

I have had plenty to write about as well, just no time, and no internet access. I began my vacation seeing Eisley and Lovedrug in Atlanta on July 1 at Smith's Olde Bar. Great experience, amazing show. I have a lot I could write about it, I will if I have time. The concert ended about 2 a.m. EST and straight from there my wife and I drove to my aunt and uncle's lake house in Alabama and we arrived around 4 a.m. CST. Amazingly I never became tired. At the lake house we had a great time with my extended family and did lots of water skiing and tubing. We returned to Franklin on the 4th, and then on the 6th flew to Pittsburgh to see my inlaws. We had a fun time there as well with my wife's parents, sister, and our nephew. We attended a Pirates game in which they beat the Phillies 2-1 on a two run home run that landed about 10 feet from our seats. This is a VERY short summary of our travels, but you get the picture.

Here are two pictures from the concert in Atlanta, the first of Lovedrug and the second of Eisley.

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I have discovered the greatest t-shirt design ever:

Listening to: Thrice

Well, the Pistons blew it. Articles abound about how it was a “great” and “classic” game 7, but I thought it was horrible, and not just because the Spurs won. The entire game was so sloppy, and the officiating made it almost unwatchable. I am not saying the officials helped the Spurs win, it was equally as bad for both teams. Amazing that at the highest level of competitive basketball in the United States you find the worst officials. The only good thing about all this is that I was so upset while watching the game that by the time it was over, and they lost, I was over it, and didn’t care. I turned the TV off with 2 minutes to go and went to bed. It would have been nice if game 7 could have been as well played and as fun to watch as games 5 & 6.

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Game 7!!! Pistons won for the first time in San Antonio since 1997, and became the first road team down 3-2 ever to win an NBA Finals game. Plus this is the first NBA Finals game 7 since 1994, should be fun.

In other news, Billy Corgan has announced plans to "renew and revive" The Smashing Pumpkins. I don't have a clue what this means, but I am hoping that means James Iha and D'Arcy are involved (no doubt that Jimmy Chamberlain will be drumming). Interesting announcement to make the day you release a solo album.

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I am still sick about the end of Game 5. All credit to Robert Horry, who was amazing, (what, 25 points in the last 18 minutes of the game?) but how in the world can you leave him open? Let Tony Parker drive, Let Manu Ginobili drive, let Tim Duncan post up- the worst that can happen is two points and a second overtime. But leave Horry open behind the three point line? Argh! I will admit though this game would have never even gone to overtime if Duncan could hit free throws under pressure. Here's hoping the Pistons do something miraculous to force a game 7, the first in the Finals in what seems like at least 10 years.

By the way, 'Batman Begins' is AMAZING.

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Batman Begins was released today, I can't wait to see it. From the reviews it has received, it sounds amazing, and supposedly the best Batman movie. I personally don't think it can be better than the first Batman movie, but it doesn't have to be. With Christopher Nolan directing, it has to be good.

The Pistons played great last night, making the series 2-1. Amazing what playing on your home court can do, now they just need to win two more in Detroit. Ben Wallace was amazing, this was my favorite play of the game:

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Lauren Blakenship recently became the most successful athlete in the history of Samford University. Not only did she qualify for NCAA Track & Field’s National Championships, she finished 9th. She ran 16:16 at NCAA Regionals and the first round of Nationals, easily the best time in Samford history. Most of you probably have no idea how fast this is, it is hard for even me to comprehend. It would be the equivalent of a male running about 13:50 for the 3.1 mile distance. As a former Samford runner and current record holder, I am in awe.

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CDs coming out in the second half of 2005 that I am excited about:
Billy Corgan- The Future Embrace (June 21)
Veda- The Weight of An Empty Room (July 26)
Astronaut Pushers- EP (July)
Luxury- Health & Sport (August)
Nada Surf- The Weight Is a Gift (September)
Death Cab for Cutie- Plans (September)
The Juliana Theory- Deadbeat Sweet Heartbeat (November)

The Pistons look terrible, the first two NBA Finals games were embarrassing in more ways than one. Tonight maybe they’ll redeem themselves.


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Back to the Finals! Game 7: Detroit 88, Miami 82.

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Sunday night my wife, my sister, and I went to see Over the Rhine and Andrew Bird at 3rd and Lindsley in Nashville. The show was also broadcast live via Lightning 100, I don’t know if they will put the audio up online or not. Anyway, if I hadn’t been there, it would have been an amazing thing to hear Over the Rhine broadcast live on one of Nashville’s biggest radio stations. Now the question is why doesn’t the station play Over the Rhine in regular rotation?

3rd and Lindsley is a great venue, I have been aware of it for over 10 years, but somehow I had never been. It is a restaurant, with all of the seating being at tables or the bar. We got there early, about 6, and had to wait in line for the door to open. Glad we did though as the show ended up being sold out in advance, and we got great seats as most people had to stand. We sat at a table on the edge of the second floor and had a terrific view looking down on the stage. My sister took tons of pictures, I’ll try to get a link when she puts them online. Later on in the night Matt Slocum walked in and I wished we had saved him a seat, that would have been some good conversation (Always enjoyable to talk to the songwriter of my favorite band of all time!). I was hoping he would end up playing guitar or cello with Over the Rhine, but he ended up being there as a fan just like me.

The first artist, Kim Taylor, went on about 8:15 and played for about 30 minutes. I think I had heard her name before, but never her music. It was just her and acoustic guitar, It was OK. She has a great voice though, similar to Karin’s, and used some interesting effects on her guitar. The highlight of her set was her vocal imitation of a trumpet during her last song. “I know I look ridiculous when I do this,” she said, “Depending on the night it either sounds like a kazoo or a trumpet.”

Andrew Bird started the live broadcast at 9 p.m. He was INCREDIBLE. I had heard of him as well, only knowing that he had previously been the violinist for the Squirrel Nut Zippers. I intend to look at his website in depth later today. We actually heard his sound check as we waited in line outside, and I assumed he had at least 7 or 8 people on stage because of the full sound. I was surprised to discover when his set started that it was only him and a drummer! The first song started with Andrew picking his violin, recording it, playing it back, and then adding on the layers. The second part was him playing his violin normally, then whistling, then playing his electric guitar, then singing, and later playing his glockenspiel. Although he would only do one or two things at a time, he used effects to have all the different instruments going at once. He is easily the best whistler I have ever heard! The drummer played a keyboard on most songs with his left hand while he drummed, I can’t imagine trying to do that. Anyway, somehow two people pulled off the sound of a full band. This was impressive by itself, but the music was great as well. I would place the sound somewhere in between Sufjan Stevens and the Arcade Fire.

Over the Rhine went on at 10 as the radio broadcast was to end at 11. They continued to play after the radio part ended however. Their set list was:

Stella’s Tarantella (Drunkard’s Prayer)
I Want You to Be My Love (Drunkard’s Prayer)
Born (Drunkard’s Prayer)
Spark (Drunkard’s Prayer)
Lookin’ Forward (Drunkard’s Prayer)
Anything at All (Ohio)
Suitcase (Ohio)
Firefly (Drunkard’s Prayer)
All I Need Is Everything (Good Dog Bad Dog)
Cruel and Pretty (Ohio)
Moondance (cover of Van Morrison song)
-end of radio broadcast-
12. Faithfully Dangerous (Good Dog Bad Dog)
13. Latter Days (Good Dog Bad Dog)
14. My Love is Fever (Eve)
I thought the set was just about perfect. I was thrilled for the inclusion of three songs from my favorite Over the Rhine release, ‘Good Dog Bad Dog.’ The played most of ‘Drunkard’s Prayer,’ as they are touring to support it, but I was surprised they did not perform the title track.

Instrumentally, one of the best Over the Rhine shows I have ever seen. The last time I saw Over the Rhine is was just Karin and Linford, so it was nice to have the full band. The line-up was:

Karin Berquist: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Piano
Linford Detweiler: Piano, Electric Bass, Acoustic Guitar
Kim Taylor: Background Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Rick Plant: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Bass, Acoustic Fretless Bass
Devon Ashley: Drums

Most of the songs from the new album sounded identical to the studio versions. Kim Taylor’s vocals blended perfectly with Karin’s, it honestly sounded like Karin was backing up herself. I had never seen Linford play bass before, but he was excellent although looking awkward. Rick and Devon were both incredible, I had never seen them play before. On a few songs Rick, Devon, and Linford were essentially a jazz trio backing Karin’s vocals. The last 3 songs they played were all dramatically different than the album versions and included terrific instrumental solos and breakdowns.

I love Over the Rhine!

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Star Wars: Episode III The Revenge of the Sith

Saw it twice the first 3 days it was out, can't wait to see it again!

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My wife and I went to see Brandtson last night, we really enjoyed it. It was the first time she had been to an indie show like that, but she loves the new Brandtson cd, and they played almost all of it, so she enjoyed it. 11 total songs, 8 off 'Send us a Signal':

The End, Nashville, TN
1. Who Are You Now (Send Us a Signal)
2. Throwing Rocks Tonite (Send Us a Signal)
3. Just Breathe (Send Us a Signal)
4. Mercy Medical (Send Us a Signal)
5. Over and Out (Send Us a Signal)
6. You Do the Science (Death and Taxes EP)
7. Mexico (Send Us a Signal)
8. Drawing A Line In The Sand (Send Us a Signal)
9. Escapist (Send Us a Signal)
10. Cry Me A River (Justin Timberlake cover)
11. (encore) Shannon Said (Fallen Star Collection)

This was my 14th time (I think) to see Brandtson, and a much different show. In the past, if they played 10 songs, the most they would play off any one release would be 3 songs; And they always played at least one song from each of their releases. The last time I saw them was August of 2003 in Frankfurt, Germany and it was like this. But, since then they have released by far their best work, 'Send us a Signal,' so that is what they focus on.

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I saw the Appleseed Cast on Thursday night, it was outstanding. Here is the setlist, songs are definitely correct, order could be a little off:

The Appleseed Cast
The Basement, Nashville, TN
May 12, 2005

1. On Reflection (Low Level Owl vol. 1)
2. Steps and Numbers (Low Level Owl vol. 1)
3. (new song)
4. Fight Song (Two Conversations)
5. Hanging Marionette (Two Conversations)
6. (new song)
7. Fishing the Sky (Mare Vitalis)
8. Sunset Drama King (Low Level Owl vol. 2)
9. Blind Man's Arrow (Low Level Owl vol. 1)
10. (new song)

The new songs were all over the map musically. The first one was a 4-minute melodic rocker similar to the songs on 'Two Conversations.' The second was 7 minutes or so, started slow, continued to build, and exploded at the end. It had a very unique swirling guitar line and uncommon tempo. It was unlike any Appleseed Cast song I have heard. The last one was a 10 minute instrumental track which sounded like it could have been on 'Mare Vitalis.'

It was a great show, and I am going to see another one, Brandtson, tonight!

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We are moving to Rome!

Not Italy (maybe someday?), but Georgia! I will be a high school graphic design teacher at Darlington School, head swim coach, and assistant cross country coach. We are excited to say the least!

My wife is running the half-marathon in Nashville this weekend, I can’t wait to watch her.

My brother has 4 new songs of his online, they are pretty great: Acrefoot

The new Starflyer album is amazing! I have been a fan from the beginning (which was more than 10 years ago, wow), and I haven’t listen to an album so much in the first week I have owned it since ‘Americana.’ ‘Talking Voice vs. Singing Voice’ is definitely my favorite SF59 album from the bands’ ‘second era.’ It is dark, yet melodic and catchy. And I usually complain about short albums (9 songs, 32 minutes), but this one seems perfect. The album artwork is beautiful as usual. I recommend buying the cd directly from the band, it is cheap, and you will get it fast. Only $12 including shipping, and I got mine 4 days after paying Jason Martin, and he sent it from CA to TN.

All my sports teams have had a pretty great month. The Pistons are up 2-0 in their first round series against the 76ers, and are on their way to defending their NBA title. The Orioles are 14-7, and off to their best start in 10 years or so. They are also first in the AL East, the best division in baseball (which includes the Red Sox and Yankees). Auburn had four players from it’s 13-0 team taken in the first round of the NFL draft, two to the Redskins. Carlos Rodgers was a great pick for Washington, but Jason Campbell, not so much. Ronnie Brown and Cadillac Williams should both start for their Florida NFL teams, they will be fun to watch. The Redskins are the only one of my teams that continues to suck, but at least Patrick Ramsey is going into this season as a confident starter.

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I have a bunch of rare and out of print CDs and records for sale on Ebay:

My Ebay Sale

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Well, I predicted the winner of the NCAA Tournament correctly again, but didn't get much else right after the first round.

I saw 'Blade Runner' for the first time two days ago. I liked it, but it was the director's cut and from everything I have read I think I will like the original version much better. It was fun to hear the things Mortal sampled on 'Fathom.'

Five new cds released in the last month you should all buy:
1. Over the Rhine- Drunkard's Prayer
2. Starflyer 59- Talking Voice vs. Singing Voice (out next tuesday)
3. The Prayers and Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers- The Mother of Love Emulates the Shape of Cynthia
4. Jesse Sprinkle- Unnoticed
5. Mae- The Everglow

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"Montana seems to me to be what a small boy would think Texas is like from hearing Texans."- John Steinbeck

I don't think I have ever put that quote on here, but I absolutely love it. Steinbeck is one of my favorite authors, and he expresses my sentiments exactly.

The greatest events in sports is upon us- The NCAA Basketball Tournament- I love it!

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It's been almost a week, but I haven't stopped thinking about my final FBC basketball league game I played in last Thursday. Definitely one of the most exciting and fun basketball games I have ever taken part in. In an attempt to never forget about it, and tell all of you about the fun, here is what occured.

First of all, the the season was pretty bad, we were 2-7 coming into the game, with both wins coming against the same Rolling Hills team (which just happened to feature former FBC players). All but one of our games were competitive, but we always came up just short.

Our final game of the year was against Tusculum Hills, who we had lost to earlier in the season by just a few points. In that game we had trailed by 15 at the start of the 4th quarter before cutting it to 4 points with a couple minutes left.

In warm-ups, our best player, my brother Keith, strained his hamstring and wasn't sure if he would be able to run or jump. His mobility would be limited, but he still played well.

The first half was close, with Tusculum Hills leading by 4 or 5 points most of the time. I had my best offensive half of the season, scoring 13 points. Keith was off, but with the bum hamstring, we couldn't blame him. We trailed 19-15 at the end of the 1st quarter, and we trailed by 8 with seconds left in the half. Tusculum double-teamed Keith as time wound down, but he found me on the opposite wing and I hit a 3-pointer (my only one of the season) as time expired. We trailed 33-28 at the half. A very high-scoring half for us, as our season high for points in a game was 56 which we had the previous week.

Keith decided at half-time, because of his injury, he would just stand at the 3 point line the whole time and see if they would guard him.

We came out flat as the second half started, had lots of turnovers, and their 5 point lead soon grew to 12. The other team was also killing us physically as Keith caught an elbow to the face, busting his chin open, and I got scratched in the eye (neither called fouls). At this point we decided to pass the ball to Keith as he stood wide open in the corner. He hit 3-pointers on three consecutive possessions and we cut the lead back to 5. We scored the last points of the quarter on a steal and lay-up by Jason to trail 50-47 at the end of the third.

The 4th quarter was close the entire time, with neither team leading by more than 3 points. With about a minute left we trailed 64-61. Ralph got a steal near mid-court, drove to the basket, made the lay-up, and got fouled. Ralph, a terrible foul shooter (along with the rest of our team excluing Keith and John), made the free throw to tie the game at 64. We held them on defense the following possesion. Keith made a great drive to the basket with about 20 seconds left, got hammered by two defenders, and for a second I saw a potential 3-point play. But the ball rolled off the rim, and more amazingly, there was no foul call.

Tusculum had the ball, tie-game, 15 seconds left. We played great defense once again, and as the clock wound down Keith had one of his many blocks. I saw overtime coming until one of the officials blew his whistle with 1 second left calling a phantom foul. One of their best free-throw shooters was on the line needing only to make 1 of 2 free throws to win the game. He missed both short though sending the game into overtime!

Overtime wasn't much of a contest, we were much fresher and quicker and drew a foul on almost every possession. Keith made 5 of 6 free throws in overtime and we won 73-68. Thus ended one of the best basketball games I have ever played in! I finished with 22 points, but a pathetic 1-5 from the free throw line. Keith probably had 28, and shot great on free throws as he did all season. I know in at least one game he was 10 for 10.

Pretty sad that a game like this can mean so much to me, but I love competition and rarely get it at this point in my life! I also keep being reminded of this game because of severe floor burn on my right hand and both elbows.

(Listening to: The Appleseed Cast- Two Conversations)
(for 5 free full-length Appleseed concert bootleg downloads, go here)


Over the Rhine's new album, 'Drunkard's Prayer,' will be released March 29. You can pre-order it and get two free mp3s from it here.

I've recently rediscovered the Swedish band Logh. They had one album released in the States on Deep Elm a few years ago, but they have two other newer cds only released in Europe that I need to get. You can download 5 free mp3s of their music here.

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You can download the song 'Transatlanticism' (Death Cab for Cutie) as performed by my sister and brother at my wedding here. (Right click, then "Save Target as...") It was recorded live, so don't expect high sound quality; but, it is definitely worth hearing.

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After four EPs, the last two released in 2003, Eisley finally released a full-length album today! Listen to four songs from the album here and then go buy it!

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A few months ago, Kevin Max Smith, formerly of DC Talk, signed a recording contract with Northern Records, home of the Violet Burning, Cush, Michael Knott, Luxury, etc. "Kmax" is currently recording demos with Andrew Prickett, one of the greatest guitarists of all time. You can find some interesting discussions on the subject here. I'll withhold my comments here, but you can find plenty there.

The Super Bowl is in 2 days!

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I have more time on the internet than I have had in a long time, but still lack the motivation for some reason to update this. But I found a reason today, so here goes.

I am a big Pedro the Lion fan, always have been. From the time I first heard the Whole EP, it has been good, original music, as much as it has changed throughout the years. The newest album, 'Achilles' Heel,' I think is David Bazan's weakest work, but I still enjoy it. His lyrics have gotten more challenging, and while I do not agree with some of them, at least they are thought-provoking unlike most music today.

About a month ago I found about about Bazan's new project, The Headphones. Essentially it was supposed to be electronic Pedro the Lion. The guitars have been replaced with keyboards. This was exciting to me, I was hoping it would be as refreshing as the Postal Service has been to Death Cab for Cutie.

Well, premiering today is the entire Headphones album online at Pure Volume. You can listen to the entire thing for free here. If you like Pedro, please go listen, and let me know what you think. I think it is horrible. Some of the worst music I have ever heard. The sounds, the lyrics, the instrumentation are all completely depressing. I have encouraged people to buy Pedro the Lion music for years, but please don't buy this!

Back to Death Cab for Cutie, they are my favorite band of the moment. I also love the Postal Service, but I think Death Cab is tons better. I have been finding lots of random, free mp3s online of theirs, here are some links:
Live Covers (from Tears for Fears to Michael Jackson)
Live Ben Gibbard Solo

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Best of 2004

Here it is...
Turn Off the Radio's Top 10 Albums of 2004:
1. Brandtson- Send Us A Signal 
2. Lovedrug- Pretend You're Alive
3. Tess Wiley- Not Quite Me 
4. Jimmy Eat World- Futures
5. Blindside- About a Burning Fire 
6. Mindy Smith- One Moment More 
7. Pedro the Lion- Achilles Heel 
8. Jump (Little Children)- Between the Dim and the Dark
9. Demon Hunter- Summer of Darkness 
10. Starflyer 59- I am the Portuguese Blues

(First link is to artist's website, second link is to the cheapest place I know to buy each album.)

Comments for each album to come...

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Turn Off the Radio declares the Auburn University football team 2004 NCAA National Champions.


I am working on my top 10 albums of 2004, I should post that soon. It will probably be awhile though before I change the look of this site to reflect the new year.

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