I saw the Appleseed Cast on Thursday night, it was outstanding. Here is the setlist, songs are definitely correct, order could be a little off:

The Appleseed Cast
The Basement, Nashville, TN
May 12, 2005

1. On Reflection (Low Level Owl vol. 1)
2. Steps and Numbers (Low Level Owl vol. 1)
3. (new song)
4. Fight Song (Two Conversations)
5. Hanging Marionette (Two Conversations)
6. (new song)
7. Fishing the Sky (Mare Vitalis)
8. Sunset Drama King (Low Level Owl vol. 2)
9. Blind Man's Arrow (Low Level Owl vol. 1)
10. (new song)

The new songs were all over the map musically. The first one was a 4-minute melodic rocker similar to the songs on 'Two Conversations.' The second was 7 minutes or so, started slow, continued to build, and exploded at the end. It had a very unique swirling guitar line and uncommon tempo. It was unlike any Appleseed Cast song I have heard. The last one was a 10 minute instrumental track which sounded like it could have been on 'Mare Vitalis.'

It was a great show, and I am going to see another one, Brandtson, tonight!

(Listening to: Tess Wiley- Rainy Day Assembly)