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Sixpence None The Richer @ Smokin' Music, SXSW, Austin, TX, 3/13/08

Sixpence None The Richer @ Smokin' Music, SXSW, Austin, TX, 3/13/08
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Sixpence None the Richer played their first two shows in 5 years last week, you can find information about the shows here and here. I wish I could have been there! So far there still is no official information about the band now that they are back together, but there is a lot of information that can be found out by following those links and using Google blog search.

Apparently they have a new EP to be released in June and a full-length Christmas album releasing at the end of the year.

This Diminishing West

Those of you who know me at all know that Poor Old Lu is my co-favorite band (along with Sixpence). Scott Hunter, Aaron Sprinkle, Nick Barber and Jesse Sprinkle created some of the most unique rock music I have ever heard.

Since Poor Old Lu's break-up, 3/4 of the band have been super active in the indie music scene. Aaron Sprinkle is the biggest name, mainly due to his production work (MxPx, Demon Hunter, Eisley, etc.). He also has numerous solo albums and work with his two rock bands, Rose Blossom Punch and Fair. Nick Barber is an accomplished bass player, playing in Aaron's bands and also touring with Jeremy Enigk. Jesse Sprinkle is one of the best drummers around, and has drummed for countless bands (Serene, Morella's Forest, Dead Poetic, Demon Hunter, etc.). He also is a producer and has released actually more solo work than Aaron (through his name and the moniker 'The World Inside'.)

Well, as active as Aaron, Nick and Jesse have been, Scott has done pretty much nothing in the music world. Once he came close to singing on one of Jesse's World Inside albums, but that was it until a couple years ago. This was when it was announced on Myspace that Scott was fronting a new band called This Diminishing West. I love Scott's work as a vocalist and lyricist, so I was thrilled.

This Diminishing West had released various demos on Myspace but nothing concrete, until yesterday. This Diminishing West released their first and only EP, and it is FREE. The EP is solid, nothing specatular, and contains a cool Pedro the Lion cover, "Of Minor Prophets and their Prostitute Wives."

The band unfortunately broke up before it even really began, but thankfully they did record this one 5-song EP. You can download it for free here.


New Thrice single is available on iTunes today. The 2nd half of the Alchemy Index releases in about six weeks. As usual I have gotten very busy and this blog has been neglected. I hope to post my 'best of 1994' within the next couple of weeks.