Videos: new Jimmy Eat World song debut, and mewithoutYou

I am hoping to post something with more substance soon, but realistically there will probably only be two posts with actual writing, substance, and commentary during the rest of the year: my "Best of 1986" sometime in November, and then my "Best of 2016" around Christmas. After writing prolifically here and on Medium in 2015, this has been a down year with other priorities.

Jimmy Eat World debuted a new song last night, their third from their upcoming October 21 LP Integrity Blues. "You With Me" is a longer, more epic track than the first two new songs, and continues Jimmy Eat World's resurgence. I commented last month that "Sure and Certain" might be the best new Jimmy Eat World song in a decade, and this one is even better:

mewithoutYou has a brand new video for the song "Watermelon Ascot", which is my favorite song from their 2015 LP Pale Horses. The weird get weirder...