Records for sale!

If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or interact with me in other ways, you'll know that I have made the decision to downsize and sell most of my record collection. I was nearing 1000 records, but I now have a goal of reducing that to 200 "essential" records. I have sold over 100 in the last couple months--it's definitely been weird, as I had thought I would keep them for the rest of my life. But I have peace with the change in focus and am happy to have owned them but now pass them on to another home.

For now, I am mostly selling directly, meaning not using other platforms. This means less fees for me and the buyer, but also obviously a level of trust. I have created a Google sheet that has 250+ records and I update it frequently. I am also am happy to take offers on most of the records in my Discogs collection, but there are some that are untouchable that I would not be willing to let go of. (I have sold a lot on Discogs in the past--with 100% feedback as a seller-- and will again, but currently trying to avoid giving them the 9%).

If anything interests you, reach out! My email address is in the Google sheet, or DM me on Instagram or Twitter.

*Also, I am happy to sell most of my CD's. However, I do not have them cataloged in any way. I do have hundreds or more, and most are from the 90's. If there are CDs you are looking for, reach out!