i just accomplished one of my all-time sports goals- breaking 200 in a bowling game. i bowled a 203! i have been trying for years to do this, it took 4 strikes in a row in the middle of the game to do it. it was my first game of 4 today- 203, 156, 147, and 169. i bowled in league competition for the second time on wednesday, this time doing well- 135, 148, 181. now that i have broken 200 i need to reach my other athletic goal- running a sub-4 minute mile. :)

it is pouring down rain right now. zambia's rainy season was supposed to be over weeks ago, and we all thought it was, but it has been raining since last night. it is cold rain as well, i love it. supposedly rains this late in the year mean a very cold dry season, which is exactly what i want to hear. i am sick of being hot all the time.

the NBA playoffs start tomorrow, and i am more excited about them than i have been in years. for one, so many new teams made the playoffs, like the grizzlies and nuggets. and two, the pistons have a shot not only to win the eastern conference but the NBA championship. but as long as the lakers or spurs don't win it, i will be very happy with whoever the champion is.

(listening to: blindside- 'about a burning fire')


haven't written in a few weeks, things have been crazy (but fun) here. my brother has been here the past two weeks, he leaves today to fly to sydney, australia. my parents were here last week, it was great to have them here and see and experience what my life has been like the last year and a half.

there was a big fight at the bowling alley last week between two of the teams in the league i am in charge of. i wasn't there, but apparently one team wasn't too thrilled about the result of their match. i have been at the bowling alley a lot lately, some for work, but mostly just to bowl. keith bowled a 224 last time we went, he had 7 strikes in 8 frames and made the lusaka leaderboard. i bowled a 188 the previous game, but that was soon overlooked.

the pistons are rolling right now, which is good considering the playoffs start next week. i might actually get to watch some games too as my next-door neighbor just got a satellite dish. my brother brought me a tape of a pistons game, i need to watch it, it will be the first NBA game i have seen this season.

i haven't been to the movie theater in awhile, they have had no good movies. i did see 'the passion' two weeks ago. i liked it OK, but i have a much greater appreciation for Jesus' sacrifice reading about it in the Bible. i rented 'being john malkovich' on saturday, it is about time i saw that movie. so weird.

(listening to: luxury- 'amazing and thank you')