Record collecting and early 2019 releases

I have reached a point in my record collecting that I need to sell some things off in order to get some new items. Part of this is my budget, but part of this is I would rather complete full discographies for bands that I love rather than hold on to random releases that are less important to me. Turns out somethings I have purchased in the last few year have skyrocketed in value; so I guess it's time to take advantage.

I have been using Discogs off and on for awhile, but just started selling things there this week. I listed 37 items originally, and have already sold 10. I might have better luck selling to people I "know" (like you, the reader), so here is a link to my stuff:

Speaking of new stuff, there have been some exciting early 2019 releases. Number one, seemingly coming out of nowhere, is Better Oblivion Community Center, the new band and collaboration between Conor Oberst and Phoebe Bridgers:

Secondly, and the first vinyl release of 2019 I have in hand, is the fantastic return of Pedro the Lion:

And as usual, due to the vinyl craze, we've got all kinds of reissues in the works. Just today Rose Blossom Punch announced an Indiegogo campaign for their 1999 EP "Sorry to Disappoint You":

And yesterday Steadfast Records announced a reissue of the Brandtson debut album "Letterbox". While a huge Brandtson fan, I will probably pass on this one. However, I might need to snag that sweet hat: