Tooth & Nail Records "rejected" Thrice in 1998

I saw this Twitter dialogue when I woke up this morning:

If you don't know, Dustin Kensrue is the lead singer of Thrice, and Brandon Ebel is the president of Tooth and Nail Records. And this the the picture:

Very funny that one of my favorite record labels had the chance to sign one of my favorite bands and didn't. Not that Thrice showed much potential with their first EP. I guess everything worked out in the end, at least for Thrice.


The Giant Mechanical Man (movie & soundtrack)

My wife and I watched The Giant Mechanical Man last night, a movie we had never heard of and found randomly on Amazon Prime because it is streaming for free. First of all, the movie is excellent, and here is a Huffingon Post interview and article where you can learn more about it, the director, and the actors.

Secondly, the soundtrack is terrific. I knew we were in for a treat with the film opened with a Mogwai song, and I couldn't have felt better about the ending when a Pinback song played during the credits. And in between there were half a dozen great tunes, many of which I knew. One of the songs I didn't know is by the band Great Northern, who I had heard of, but never heard. I immediately ordered one of the band's albums though, and then this morning I found this new, unreleased song from Great Northern's next album: Go watch The Giant Mechanical Man, and listen to Great Northern.

Most of the songs from the movie:
Mogwai- Kids Will be Skeletons
Great Northern- Our Bleeding Hearts
El Ten Eleven- I Like Van Halen Because My Sister Says They are Cool
Dios Malos- You Got Me All Wrong & Meeting People
Explosions in the Sky- Remember Me as a Time of Day
Pompeii- Where We're Going, We Don't Need Roads
Pinback- Non Photo Blue


New CUSH EP out now, free for 3 days!

Cush's first release in a decade, SP3 (the third spirituals EP, but this time all original songs); enjoy!