We are moving to Rome!

Not Italy (maybe someday?), but Georgia! I will be a high school graphic design teacher at Darlington School, head swim coach, and assistant cross country coach. We are excited to say the least!

My wife is running the half-marathon in Nashville this weekend, I can’t wait to watch her.

My brother has 4 new songs of his online, they are pretty great: Acrefoot

The new Starflyer album is amazing! I have been a fan from the beginning (which was more than 10 years ago, wow), and I haven’t listen to an album so much in the first week I have owned it since ‘Americana.’ ‘Talking Voice vs. Singing Voice’ is definitely my favorite SF59 album from the bands’ ‘second era.’ It is dark, yet melodic and catchy. And I usually complain about short albums (9 songs, 32 minutes), but this one seems perfect. The album artwork is beautiful as usual. I recommend buying the cd directly from the band, it is cheap, and you will get it fast. Only $12 including shipping, and I got mine 4 days after paying Jason Martin, and he sent it from CA to TN.

All my sports teams have had a pretty great month. The Pistons are up 2-0 in their first round series against the 76ers, and are on their way to defending their NBA title. The Orioles are 14-7, and off to their best start in 10 years or so. They are also first in the AL East, the best division in baseball (which includes the Red Sox and Yankees). Auburn had four players from it’s 13-0 team taken in the first round of the NFL draft, two to the Redskins. Carlos Rodgers was a great pick for Washington, but Jason Campbell, not so much. Ronnie Brown and Cadillac Williams should both start for their Florida NFL teams, they will be fun to watch. The Redskins are the only one of my teams that continues to suck, but at least Patrick Ramsey is going into this season as a confident starter.

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I have a bunch of rare and out of print CDs and records for sale on Ebay:

My Ebay Sale

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Well, I predicted the winner of the NCAA Tournament correctly again, but didn't get much else right after the first round.

I saw 'Blade Runner' for the first time two days ago. I liked it, but it was the director's cut and from everything I have read I think I will like the original version much better. It was fun to hear the things Mortal sampled on 'Fathom.'

Five new cds released in the last month you should all buy:
1. Over the Rhine- Drunkard's Prayer
2. Starflyer 59- Talking Voice vs. Singing Voice (out next tuesday)
3. The Prayers and Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers- The Mother of Love Emulates the Shape of Cynthia
4. Jesse Sprinkle- Unnoticed
5. Mae- The Everglow

(Listening to: Over the Rhine- Drunkard's Prayer)