Well, I predicted the winner of the NCAA Tournament correctly again, but didn't get much else right after the first round.

I saw 'Blade Runner' for the first time two days ago. I liked it, but it was the director's cut and from everything I have read I think I will like the original version much better. It was fun to hear the things Mortal sampled on 'Fathom.'

Five new cds released in the last month you should all buy:
1. Over the Rhine- Drunkard's Prayer
2. Starflyer 59- Talking Voice vs. Singing Voice (out next tuesday)
3. The Prayers and Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers- The Mother of Love Emulates the Shape of Cynthia
4. Jesse Sprinkle- Unnoticed
5. Mae- The Everglow

(Listening to: Over the Rhine- Drunkard's Prayer)