The Suburbs

I am sure you already know, but the Arcade Fire's new and 3rd LP, The Suburbs, is out TODAY. Not only that, but it is Amazon MP3's Daily Deal, for only $3.99. 16 songs for 25 cents each, can't beat that.

I am only half-way through it at this point, so I won't comment on the album itself. The BBC says it is "better than OK Computer."

I got the 2 x LP vinyl version in the mail yesterday, a day early. Thanks Merge Records. I was pretty pumped because this is one of only a handful of albums ever I am listening to for the first time on a turntable, not a CD or MP3s on my computer or on my iPod. I am also proud of myself for ignoring the early album leak that has been all over the internet for the last month. I had only heard two songs which were free instantaneous downloads when I pre-ordered it in June.

Here is excerpts from a dialogue between my wife and I last night around 9:00 p.m., after our two small children went to bed:

Me: So, you want to listen to the new Arcade Fire album?
Wife: (silence)
Me: The release date is tomorrow, but I got the vinyl in the mail today. I have never heard it.
Wife: (silence)
Me: How about just the first record?
Wife: O.K. (unenthusiastically)

Now midway through the first song...
Wife: Do you have the lyrics? (I hand them to her)

After two songs:
Wife: This is the first time in a long time I have sat down and listened to an album for the first time while reading the lyrics.

After three songs:
Wife: I forgot how much I like the Arcade Fire, this is good.

After four songs:
Wife: I hate to admit it, but I am really enjoying this.
Me: :)