New shirts for old-school Tooth & Nail Records bands: Bloodshed, Havalina Rail Co., and Ninety Pound Wuss

The most recent entry into my "new shirts for old bands" idea is Bloodshed. They gave me permission and free reign to design something new. After posting a poll with four designs, the following shirt was chosen by the fans and went on sale today!

I want to say again and make it clear that I am doing this for fun and as a service for the fans. They are priced to sell, not for profit. Also, there are dozens of different styles and colors available, not just what you see in the pictures below or on the TeeSpring site.

Along with selling the Bloodshed shirt, I am trying again on the Havalina Rail Co. shirt. I wrote about it in detail here.
Finally, I am putting the Ninety Pound Wuss shirt back up for sale that did so well in March. So if you missed it the first time, it is back. Here is the backstory and the detail on it.