My wife and I went to see Brandtson last night, we really enjoyed it. It was the first time she had been to an indie show like that, but she loves the new Brandtson cd, and they played almost all of it, so she enjoyed it. 11 total songs, 8 off 'Send us a Signal':

The End, Nashville, TN
1. Who Are You Now (Send Us a Signal)
2. Throwing Rocks Tonite (Send Us a Signal)
3. Just Breathe (Send Us a Signal)
4. Mercy Medical (Send Us a Signal)
5. Over and Out (Send Us a Signal)
6. You Do the Science (Death and Taxes EP)
7. Mexico (Send Us a Signal)
8. Drawing A Line In The Sand (Send Us a Signal)
9. Escapist (Send Us a Signal)
10. Cry Me A River (Justin Timberlake cover)
11. (encore) Shannon Said (Fallen Star Collection)

This was my 14th time (I think) to see Brandtson, and a much different show. In the past, if they played 10 songs, the most they would play off any one release would be 3 songs; And they always played at least one song from each of their releases. The last time I saw them was August of 2003 in Frankfurt, Germany and it was like this. But, since then they have released by far their best work, 'Send us a Signal,' so that is what they focus on.

(Listening to: Veda- ‘The Weight of an Empty Room’)