Once again it has been forever since I have posted. I still don't have a true purpose for this site, although someday I will, so I just renewed my domain through Yahoo for the incredibly cheap price of $2.99 a year. Middle school cross country season is almost over and my team has had incredible year bringing in a total of 5 team trophies. Swim season will begin soon. Teaching and coaching is a crazy busy time, but I love it.

The Pistons had their first preseason game of the year, I can't believe it's already time for the NBA again. The Redskins are 3-1 and legitimately good. They barely won their first 3 games, and barely lost the last one. 10-6 is my personal goal for them and within reach. I wish Patrick was playing, but Brunell is doing great. I have to admit I doubted when Joe Gibbs made the switch. I can't wait to watch them play the Cheifs this Sunday. I also have two co-workers who are Redskins fan, it has been a long time since I have even had a single friend who liked Washington.

Auburn is playing great since thier inexplicable opening day loss to now 3-2 GT. Their competition has been weak, but they have pummelled everyone. They should do the same to Arkansas this week, then they have a real test at LSU. They will play two other top 10 teams this year, and if they can win all those game, they will be the best team in the SEC. Winning 2 of 3 is more likely, and will still give them a great season. I have been very impressed with Brandon Cox.

Big news all around Northern Records: First of all, I am somewhat embarassed to admit I am currently listening to the new Kevin Max record. I hate everything thing remotely related to DC Talk, but his new album is produced by Andy Prickett and has other contributors such as Frank Lenz, Chris Colbert, Holly Nelson, Jason Martin, and Aaron Sterling. The album is currently streaming for free, and the rock songs are great. I won't buy it as I lack funds, but it is solid.

Also recently the Northern Records message board has been full of news surrounding a possible new Cush LP. Line-up would be Andy Prickett on guitar, Eric Campuzano on bass, Doug Moss on keyboards and guitar, and Frank Lenz & Wayne Everett on drums. Right now Andy has been polling the fans to find a lead singer. Mike Knott is out, and right now the leading candidates are Jyro Xhan, Tim Taber, and Mike Roe. Needless to say, I am thrilled. Then also this week Northern released the new Luxury album- 'Health & Sport.' It is their first album in six years. I can't wait to hear it, but unfortunately I can't order it for another week.

I pretty much buy an album per month now. Last month's was Nada Surf- 'The Weight is a Gift.' It is a solid pop-rock album, but definitely not as good as the amazing 'Let Go.' August's album was Death Cab for Cutie- 'Plans.' It is solid, but a bit of a letdown honestly. I find it a little overproduced and redundant. I prefer 'Transatlanticism' and 'The Photo Album.' Like I said, October's album is Luxury- 'Health & Sport.' I am also very excited about the new Thrice album 'Vheissu' which will be released on October 18. It will have to be my November purchase.

There are two new films debuting this week that I am thrilled about. First of all the new Cameron Crowe film 'Elizabethtown' starring Kirsten Dunst and Orlando Bloom. Also I can't wait to see 'Domino' (Harvey) starring Keira Knightly. Then releasing on DVD next Tuesday is my favorite movie of 2005, 'Batman Begins.'

There is a nice update, longer than I have written in forever. :) Sorry for no links, but they take too much time. That's what Google is for.

Listening to: Kevin Max- The Imposter