I have been on vacation for almost two weeks, so sorry for the lack of posts. A bad time to not be posting as well, as my blog was recently featured in the Tennessean newspaper on July 5 about blogs in Williamson County, TN. I don't know how many people visited my site, but I am sure they were disappointed with the lack of content.

I have had plenty to write about as well, just no time, and no internet access. I began my vacation seeing Eisley and Lovedrug in Atlanta on July 1 at Smith's Olde Bar. Great experience, amazing show. I have a lot I could write about it, I will if I have time. The concert ended about 2 a.m. EST and straight from there my wife and I drove to my aunt and uncle's lake house in Alabama and we arrived around 4 a.m. CST. Amazingly I never became tired. At the lake house we had a great time with my extended family and did lots of water skiing and tubing. We returned to Franklin on the 4th, and then on the 6th flew to Pittsburgh to see my inlaws. We had a fun time there as well with my wife's parents, sister, and our nephew. We attended a Pirates game in which they beat the Phillies 2-1 on a two run home run that landed about 10 feet from our seats. This is a VERY short summary of our travels, but you get the picture.

Here are two pictures from the concert in Atlanta, the first of Lovedrug and the second of Eisley.

Listening to: Sufjan Stevens- A Sun Came