Best of 2004

Here it is...
Turn Off the Radio's Top 10 Albums of 2004:
1. Brandtson- Send Us A Signal 
2. Lovedrug- Pretend You're Alive
3. Tess Wiley- Not Quite Me 
4. Jimmy Eat World- Futures
5. Blindside- About a Burning Fire 
6. Mindy Smith- One Moment More 
7. Pedro the Lion- Achilles Heel 
8. Jump (Little Children)- Between the Dim and the Dark
9. Demon Hunter- Summer of Darkness 
10. Starflyer 59- I am the Portuguese Blues

(First link is to artist's website, second link is to the cheapest place I know to buy each album.)

Comments for each album to come...

(Listening to: Starflyer 59- Le Vainqueur EP)