i am engaged! i asked JBN to marry me last saturday night, after arriving back in the states the day before. we will be getting married november 27 in pittsburgh, pennsylvania!

apparently people really do read this, so after almost a month i decided it was about time to update it.

the past week of being back in the USA has been fun and very full. jessie and i have been traveling non-stop, spending time in pittsburgh, franklin, and birmingham. my friends erin and john got married last night in alabama and i was able to see and spend time with lots of my friends from college. it was great to be able to catch up with them and introduce me to my fiancee!

it is cool yet surreal to be back in my home country. things like wal-mart and good fast food are overwhelming. i loved my time in zambia and God taught me tons, but it is time to move forward in my life.

i am currently in franklin, but will continue to travel over the next couple weeks. i just got a cell phone, so if you would like the number email me at abparish@hotmail.com.

(listening to: cush- 'live and rare')