detroit pistons, 2004 NBA champions!!!

i got up at 3 to watch the game and saw all of it live, pretty great. this championship is so sweet because the pistons were such huge underdogs. everyone- my friends, the media, random basketball fans all said the lakers would kill the pistons. but, the pistons killed the lakers! it could have easily been a sweep, but i'll take 5 games. and the pistons wins weren't even close, they dominated LA by winning by an average of more than 10 points a game.

another great thing about all this is that the pistons beat the lakers, by far my least favorite NBA team. it would be like the redskins beating the cowboys in the super bowl (even though that is impossible). also, the pistons will be great for years to come. the starters are set, and they can only get better as far as their bench goes.

(listening to: pedro the lion- 'control')