ok, i have no excuse for not updating this more often, just laziness. especially now that i have access to high speed internet daily.

i am in pittsburgh getting ready for my wedding! it is beautiful up here, the rolling hills and trees remind me of the beautiful state of tennessee. the weather is great, high often in the 70s, in july! and no humidity. i definitely don't miss that about the south.

i saw two concerts last weekend, fountains of wayne and the juliana theory. both were great shows but entirely different. the juliana theory was in a club in downtown, a very high energy environment for an extremely tight band. fortunately they aren't as goofy as they used to be on stage; but their sound is great as always. and it is so fun when the entire crowd sings along to all the songs. fountains of wayne was a free outdoor show and their were thousands of people there. most were not fans, just throwing the frisbee or having a picnic in the grass. but, there were at least a few hundred people into it, and of course all the kids went crazy when they played 'stacy's mom.' being a huge fountains of wayne fan, i was happy with every song they played. they did a great acoustic segment of songs off the new album. overall i would say they played about 20 songs, and close to an equal number off each album.

i have heard lots of new music lately, the best being the new brandtson cd. 'send us a signal' is the best album i have heard this year.

i get to see lovedrug this weekend! that is saturday night, then on sunday i am flying to nashville to spend time with my family. if i haven't seen you yet and you are in the TN area email me so we can get together.

NFL training camp is starting, football is almost here... GO REDSKINS.

(listening to: rose blossom punch- ephemere)