for all you kerith ravine fans out there (all 17 of you), michael shepard, lead singer and songwriter has a "new" band called lovedrug. the sound is fairly similar to kerith ravine, not as hard, this time with piano. their debut album comes out in july on the militia group. brandtson also has a new album coming out on the same label in june.

a week has passed, and i am still sick. i could be flying down to south africa as early as today to see a doctor there. zambia just doesn't have the proper equipment and technology here to properly diagnose me.

the second week of the bowling league was last night, i did much better. i rolled a 159, 175, and 115. i am still too inconsistent. my average in the league though after two weeks though is 140, i am happy with that. our team did a lot better as well, possibly winning our match (results aren't in because handicaps haven't been calculated).

the pistons won game 2 of their series against the pacers, so it is tied 1-1 going to detroit. tayshawn prince had the most amazing block i have ever seen to end the game. he swatted away reggie miller's breakaway layup attempt that would have tied the game with 15 seconds. i was able to watch the replay of the game last night. go pistons!

(listening to: kerith ravine- 'the drafting sessions')