pistons 87, lakers 75. i know it is only one game, but detroit has already done what everyone though they couldn't. i am pumped, the pistons are 3 wins from an NBA title. i was able to watch the last three pistons-pacers games in south africa.

i went to johannesburg last thursday and stayed 9 days to see a doctor there. it was finally discovered that i have mono, so as long as i continue to rest it will go away soon. i have a little more than three weeks left in zambia, i am so excited to return to the states!

i just saw the movie 'pitch black' recently, i had been putting it off forever. it was surprisingly very good. i also made the connection that the new vin diesel movie 'the chronicles of riddick' is the sequel to 'pitch black,' so that will be fun to see when i get back to the US. the big news in movies in zambia is that 'kill bill vol. 2' comes out on friday!

(listening to: avril lavigne- under my skin)

(don't ask my why i like avril, i just do.)