my senior high team just won 10-9 in a crazy game. my starting backcourt was missing, PG was hurt and SG was out of town. not only do they control the tempo of our games, they score 2/3 of our points. we were fortunately able to find a way to win without them, against the most talented opponent we have faced. i used some of the players from the junior high team, including the PG, who played the entire game against girls who were all 4 years older than her.

yesterday at AIS there was a teachers vs. students basketball game, it was a lot of fun. the students killed us in the first half, leading 12-6 at the break. fortunately we woke up and outscored them 16-0 in the second half for a 22-12 win. it was the first time i have played basketball in awhile, it was a nice low-key way to start.

(listening to: blindside- 'about a burning fire')