i haven't posted in a while, been so busy i forgot to even go to this page.

my senior high girls won today 9-8, another close, low-scoring game. i was so nervous and excited. it was 6-6 at halftime, all of our points scored by our 11 year old point guard wonder. my girls teams are now a combined 7-0 with two games left and then a tournament i am planning.

i have been really busy at the bowling alley keeping two leagues going. i have practiced some, my average is in the mid 140s. definitely didn't stay as hot as i was my first day back after surgery. i am going to be a substitute for a team in the tuesday league next week, i can't wait to actually bowl in competition.

the NCAA tournament has started, and even though i can't watch it, i am still excited about it. i follow a lot of the games using text play by play on cbs.sportsline.com. i listened to a lot last year, but haven't yet this year because our internet in zambia has been so awful recently. and i don't have a team i am really pulling for. vandy, because that is where my dad went to school, and i have been attending games most of my life; cheering for georgia tech to win it all because they are the only team i like who has a chance. my final 4 picks are GT, wake fortest, UNC, and UConn. i came close to picking an all ACC final 4.

auburn fired cliff ellis after a disappointing season, he was supposedly 'surprised,' but i agree with decision. he is a nice guy, but it was just time for a change. sure, they made the sweet 16 last year, but that was solely because of marquis daniels. (who is now having a great undrafted rookie season for the dallas mavericks.)

(listening to: starflyer 59- 'gold')