my parents are coming in a month, and then my brother soon after, i am excited about that. no matter how much i tell people about zambia, you can't understand until you experience it for yourself.

as of monday, i am allowed to do physical activity again (a month has elapsed since i left the hospital). i was planning to swim first, but it rained non-stop for 2 days. yesterday i shot basketball for about 30 minutes after practice, it felt good. then yesterday night i bowled 7 games, and i bowled great! 156, 153, 147, 158, 156, 188, and 150. that's a 158 average, i was shocked. and 188 is my 3rd highest game ever.

i have recently seen 'something's gotta give' and 'love actually' in the theater here. not usually the type of movies i frequent, but i think 'love actually' is the best romantic comedy i have ever seen.

(listening to: sleeping at last- 'ghosts')