today was hard and exhausting. definitely busier than most days in zambia, but not sure if that had anything to do with it. i spent the last 3 hours at the bowling alley overseeing the 2nd week of our first league. it went smoothly, but i didn't want to be there. hopefully soon i will have it so well organized i won't have to attend the leagues. plus being at a bowling alley that much when i still can't bowl sucks! that will change soon fortunately.

basketball practice didn't go that well, i have been having major attendance issues. most of the core players are always there, but i even have problems with them coming. we only have two practices a week, basketball is just so different here. game tomorrow though, that will get me excited.

one of my best friends in zambia is going to be flown to the states soon for heart surgery, and in all probability will not return here. i have thought about that today quite a bit, it's a difficult situation.

i realize most of this post is negative, but other than today, the past few days have been great!

(listening to: beloved- the running EP)