ok, here is my rant about the current redskins situation. first of all they hire joe gibbs as coach, terrific. no better coach in professional football.

but now, i don't know have a clue what is going on. the main problem is the whole QB situation. the redskins have a great quarterback, patrick ramsey. yes, i am bias because i know him personally, but for a QB entering his 3rd year in the NFL you can't ask for much more. he played great last year, even with no blocking.

so the redskins are pursuing trading for mark brunell. he is a solid quarterback, but he is 10 years older than patrick ramsey.
and if the jaguars decided byron leftwich is better than brunell, then ramsey is definitely better! brunell would be a great back-up, but he doesn't want to be a back-up, and i can understand that.

the problem is that patrick ramsey has said, supposedly, that he will pursue a trade if the redskins sign brunell. i don't blame him for that, but i hope he doesn't, because i am positive ramsey would beat out brunell for the starting position. fortunately many other teams are pursuing brunell, so hopefully one of them will get him.

now the redskins have given champ bailey permission to seek a trade. why!? if he refuses to sign a new contract with the redskins, i can understand this, but the redskins need to do everything they can to keep him, he is the best CB in the NFL.

so, my two favorite players on my favorite team could be gone next year. i know joe gibbs can win with anyone, and the redskins have a solid core of players. but i don't want to see the redskins win with any QB other than patrick ramsey.

this is all reminding me of the situation 10 years ago where the redskins released all of their veteran players (including art monk) so that they would have money to sign their first round draft pick, heath shuler. that was one of the biggest mistakes in NFL history, the redskins have only made the playoffs once since then.

anyway, there is my thoughts. i should be a sportswriter.

(listening to: the gloria record- 'start here')