Hevy Fest preview: THRICE!

So, Thrice. :)

Yeah, they are my favorite post-2000 band by far, and I get to see them for the 4th time next week in England at Hevy Fest.

For this post I decided include the photos I have taken of the band the previous three times I have seen them. First, lets start with a video that I shot myself in Atlanta in 2010. Here is one of my top 5 Thrice songs, "For Miles".


Just over two months ago, on June 1 to be exact, I discovered Hevy Fest only because I was looking to see if Thrice had any overseas dates (overseas from my original home of the US). I never thought I'd be attending, so a lot has changed in two months! Here is my post about that.

Thrice had been on hiatus for a few years, and I posted the day after their first show in three years as videos were popping up online only hours after the show ended.

And thankfully, I was at their "farewell" tour back in 2011. I saw them play on October 9, 2011 at the Masquerade in Atlanta. One of my shots is below, and here is a link to the full set of photos.

100911 THRICE 052

I only took a pocket camera to that show, so the qualify of the shots isn't the best. Thankfully the previous time I saw Thrice I took an SLR. That was on April 10, 2010 at the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta. Not only did I have better camera with me, it was also a much better venue for getting shots and I got a great set. Here is one...

041410 Variety Playhouse 048

Then the first time I saw Thrice was also at the Masquerade on May 2, 2007. The lighting at that venue is horrible and the ceiling is really low, but at this show I was able to get close(r) at times, so I got some fun photos. Full set here and here is a favorite:


Hoping to get some up-close on-stage shots of the band with my press pass. Last time I had a press pass to a Festival was Cornerstone 2002!

Finally, here is a link to the first time I ever mentioned Thrice on this blog, in January of 2004 on my best of 2003 list. I am currently working on revising and fleshing out that list, and it will be the next historical best-of list I publish.