Back from Hevy Fest!

I returned to Germany from the UK last night after an exhilarating 3-day trip to HevyFest, Ashford, Dover, and Canterbury. It will probably take me a few days or longer to upload all my photos and video, and to write at length, but here is a short primer.

First of all, I created a new Turn Off the Radio Flickr site in which I will host all my concert photography. I will start by uploading all the Hevy Fest shots, but then work my way backward in time and hopefully eventually host all the concert photography I have, 1995-present (much I'll just need to migrate from my personal Flickr account). Go ahead and follow that Flickr feed and you'll see the new photos as I upload them. Here is a preview shot of Thrice I took from the crowd, but since I had a press pass I was able to get in the pit and backstage and got some great close-ups.


Secondly, here is the first video I uploaded, Thrice performing "Stare at the Sun" on Saturday night. The band themselves is a little blurry, as I had a problem preventing my SLR with video capability from focusing on the crowd. The crowd was fun to watch though, as they were energized and sang along to every word of this song...