Stunning new Cush song (and only the 3rd total in a decade)

Cush, the brainchild of Andy Prickett, Eric Campuzano & friends doesn't get around to releasing music very often. They were prolific from 1990-2003, mostly as the Prayer Chain, and the only Cush LP (with Mike Knott on lead vocals) was released a dozen years ago. A few EPs and live album followed, but really for 8 years or so there has been very little news. Until today... From Cushkuxh.org: "This is song 04 of 07 from the CUSH SP3 album, which will be released December 25th, 2012." Wow. Video is weird, but song is stunning. The lead vocals sound very familiar, but I am having trouble placing them. Earlier this year the band put this song on Bandcamp & YouTube, which apparently was a one-take practice/demo version: Then 2 years ago band put up one song on Bandcamp- "Always Disappear"- one of the best they have ever recorded. I am curious if the 2nd and 3rd songs embedded here will also appear on the new LP in completed form. Anyway, so pumped for this new Cush album; another reason to look forward to Christmas!