Cush update

I was a little confused on the plan for the new Cush song, and here you get the explanation straight from the band...


If you have subscribed to the cushkuxh.org website, then that is why you are receiving this email. As you may know, we released a new song and video last week for the song "The Drug That You Can Never Take." It is from the forthcoming album 'SP3', the third installment in the 'Spirituals' series which began quite a while ago. Please enjoy and share responsibly. 

The Spirituals were always intended to be a trilogy of records. They were also intended to be entirely covers of other songs. The first two records are, being comprised of old Spirituals and a couple of favorites from unexpected Hymnists. However, when we started into the third round (finally, after quite the delay...), and looked at the songs we had originally chosen to do, we determined that they weren't quite as interesting or impactful as the previous ones were. And so the questionably brave notion of composing our own was born. 

A year and a half later (and then some), we are now ready to begin rolling them out. Most of the time was spent on the lyrics, which was immensely more difficult than we had imagined going in. Hours of writing words, only to come up with a usable line or two. There is a distinct thematic concept and structure to the album, which helped frame each song, and enabled us to shoot for something, but trying to say the things we wanted to say in a singable way proved challenging. Which is why the album will become accompanied by both the lyrics and supplemental writings, as well as a video for each song. 

In the meantime, a few more fun things will be put on SoundCloud for subscribers, like the New Covenant Choir. Here's hoping they're somewhat fun to hear. Also, we are rehearsing for a live, in-studio performance of songs from the first album. Not sure when it will happen, but it will be made known. 

Thank you for listening." ~CUSH