Appleseed Cast: House shows in the books, new album(s) on the way!?

From the Appleseed Cast Facebook page:

The house shows were wonderful! We had such a great time, we will definitely be doing more of these. Thank you to everyone that came out. All of us really enjoyed the low-key and welcoming atmosphere. St. Louis: It didn't work out this time, but we'll try again and make it happen. 

Now it's time to focus on finishing up some minor changes to finish up the new album (Out the beginning of 2013, should Nibiru not hit us). 

 Next on the Docket: Finish up the Old Canes/Shapeshifter 7" Series and record the next full length, (I have the instrumentation for about 12 songs ready to go.) 

 After that: Write, record and release the NEXT Appleseed Cast record. We're writing really fast right now, and I wouldn't be surprises if we actually released 2 records in 2013. Looking forward to a busy year!

Two Appleseed Cast albums in one year? YES.